One of every three entrepreneurs in the world is female

Born Flemish, passionate and clamped to the art. ¡Pepa, that history it yours! Not is only the title of one of your projects, is also the footprint of your own road. A story that deserves to be told and above all be danced.

Pepa born in Australia, Although its roots are in Granada, Spain. She, a Flemish of ida and turned, awake with its taconeo them hearts of those who discover his talent, inside and outside of the stage. He began to dance to the 9 years, but it was to the 19 When, haunted by the flamenco trilogy of Carlos Saura, decided that this would be your world.

His adventure is full of successes but also from falls, work hard, moments of solitude away from his family and existential doubts along the way, before put a dent in the world of the Flamenco. Pepa so confesses his more big challenge: “It be accepted as artist Andalusian despite being born in Australia. This has been difficult in certain moments especially at the beginning maybe because was more young and you gave more importance, now me da same, I am who I am despite who you weigh”.

When you look at Pepa you count that it could not be otherwise, his hair black Jet and your eyes dark and deep, are the live stamping of a Flemish of race, that has left his footprint in the best companies of dance and worked with them more great artists of the flamenco.

A woman that never abandoned their dream of, sure that someday would their big moment. Possibly by that confidence in herself and his own intuition, it went from being dancer to businesswoman in the year 2004 When you set up your own business “Company Pepa Molina”, with which travels the world with his shows.

Be enterprising and give life to your dreams is the challenge of many women who wonder if they should take the plunge, Pepa has a message for them: “First of all, you have to ask yourself if you really believe in your project. If it is so, and really want to do, If that idea you are obsessed with the greater part of the time, that is the sign that you should go after him. You need to work hard to make it work, but not there best feeling that it's your own realization”.

Today Pepa combines his project as a businesswoman with the of your own family. As a mother has that organize is much better and manage your time, but always count with the support unconditional of your husband, also an entrepreneur born. Before the adversities, It is said thus same: “Is what is, This is not going to be with me, I am not going to leave. Always there are that go forward and not look back”.

Its positive attitude and the bet in your development staff, make it a strong woman with resources that help you overcome every day and deal with discouragement. Pepa It claims that their formula for success is 99 percent hard work and 1 percent inspiration.

There are many women who dream of being entrepreneurs, to develop their own business idea and give free rein to your creativity. In short: Take charge of your life professionally and become your own boss.

However, women entrepreneurs face challenges in order to succeed in the world of work and achieve professional success. Most of the time the main obstacles do not come from the outside, but of mentality and lack of personal development that are facing this adventure.

Today, one of every three entrepreneurs in the world are women. Stories like that of Pepa They show us that it can be, but for the magic is there need: Believe in yourself and in your project, have a good plan, work hard and bet on your personal development as your best ally.

Pepa, you inspire me!

Title “Roots of a path”


Work created by the artist Luiza Monserrat

In words of Luiza Monserrat: “The history of Pepa It has been a great inspiration because I share your same passion, the Flamenco. Listen to her telling her career, How started to dance, its passage by the large companies of flamenco, to finally take his own company of dance in Spain, bringing that experience and passion to Australia.

Especially caught my attention two of the works that passed through his company and I wanted to capture them in my box: “13 Roses” and “Because one can change their destiny but not its roots”. These two titles inspired me to create the box.

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