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Latin American in Sydney craft fair

Charity event" How to create a wonderful life" with Malaria 40 Project

Each 30 seconds a child dies by Malaria. 40€ separate you from the ability to tell a story, living a dream, become a wise old man, give smiles and fall in love, Learn and discover the world. and if were you that magician who will change your reality?? Pilar Lopez Cardenas, the writer, Lecturer, collaborator of SBS radio Australia and personal development expert, joins Malaria 40 Project. To present us his book "As creating a life wonderful" and will donate the proceeds from the sale of the book in a supportive and complimentary event to support the right of all to live the life we deserve https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = Z7fhmZHDtZs we love to share it with you!

Conference on Alibri Books 22 of December (Barcelona)

Conference on Alibri Books 22 of December (Barcelona), Pilar López Cardenas continues its tour "Dare to live" and presents his book

Conference space round 17 of December (Madrid)

Conference space round 17 of December (Madrid) where Pilar Lopez cardenas us amaze with their inspirational messages

Conference at FNAC 28 November (Valencia)

Conference at FNAC 28 November (Valencia) where the inspirational Coach Pilar López Cardenas will give us the keys for "Create a wonderful life"

Conference at FNAC 18 November (Barcelona)

Conference of personal development in FNAC 18 November (Barcelona). Pilar López Cardenas talks about how to create a wonderful life.

Conference at ABBEY´S Book Centre 12 November (Sydney)

Conference at ABBEY´S Book Centre 12 November (Sydney) by Pilar Lopez Cardenas about "How to create an amazing life"

Mind Body Spirit Festival

Pilar López Cardenas awaits you at the next Mind Body Spirit Festival in Sydney to present his book "How to create an Amazing Life"


  • My first contact with Pilar is recent, but surely it is the beginning of a good friendship. Based on the results, I can say that as a Coach is generator of illusion. She motivates positive change. I have no hesitation in recommending its light to find personal safety at all levels. A hug!

  • Pilar , first and foremost, is a great person, second is a great professional and as a professional was able to help me to look inside of me, I challenged, It has helped me to grow , It has caused me rage, Teardrop, repentance has... achieved that I initiate a trip, very long... looking for me, to finally find me having evolved , having grown up, as a person. Actually I have you to thank for your support, for your help , to have been light, and for having shown the way"the way of the Warrior of light

  • For my pillar is a close person that allows you to open yourself without complexes, He is a professional with lots of experience and especially with an incredible active listening skills, which has allowed me to live my moments of silence for answers within me. I've got changes in my way of seeing things, give me account, grow emotionally and professionally. For me is a unique being who accompanied my growth altruistically.

  • Thanks to the sessions with pillar I managed to grow a bit more and have another vision about what worries me. Has helped me to see the positive side where I saw only the negative and, the most important thing, to keep it and know how to retrieve it when you need it. Thanks a lot.

  • We are of the belief that the added value of any business or company are people, and that if we turn to them, to understand their motivations, concerns, fears.... We will draw the best of them. For this reason we decided to trust professionals as a pillar to help us preview, to guide and lead our professionals to self-awareness through Coaching and mentoring so that they could overcome their barriers and identify improvement opportunities

  • ...Having pillar as expert trainer in the area of effective communication means always a hit....

  • ...Whether it's personal or professional issues (I've lucky enough to be able to deal with her two), He has managed to get the best out of myself and turn it into opportunities ...

  • ...an innovative project: Coaching for children . It was an extraordinary experience, Since everyone could learn many things about the emotions....

  • Pilar has offered us a fantastic educational Coaching training in schools, and the role of teachers as a Coach....

  • ...Pillar has helped me a lot to know rationalize my fears and return to focusing on my person, being able to get to again take the reins of my life....

  • ...This formation has managed to spark my interest and get the better of my thanks to pillar....

  • Pilar has given me a good shake and a strong encouragement to start a process of revitalization of the company....

  • Pilar is a great trainer! very nice, with patience, It gave us much experience of life and I have learned a lot from it....

  • ...You have given me tools, phrases and tips to keep my enthusiasm in the project. You've managed to be patient!!!!! empathic, careful and comprehensive....

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