I don't want to be normal. I want to be extraordinary!

Today I met a Pablo Pineda , an inhabitant of the Kingdom “An ideal world”. Someone who has managed to fill me with his magic and has taught me that “be normal” It is the way faster toward mediocrity. There are no limitations in their world, only the extraordinary.

Paul is the first Down syndrome in be degree, After obtaining a university degree. If, Pablo holds a degree in special education teaching, but the best lesson that has taught us is that of its own overcoming.

A Malaga of 41 years whose childhood was not too different from having any boy or girl with Down's syndrome. His parents not fought against this syndrome because they never saw it as an enemy. They decided to treat it as one of his three sons. They assured him that he had the capacity to study and become a person who would like to be, they believed in him and he food that belief every day.

Already with a teaching degree under arm, It became known and appeared in the media for being the first European with trisomy 21 He completed a university degree.

Protagonist of the story

In the 2009, Paul starred in the film “I, also", inspired by their own history, embodying Daniel, a social worker with Down syndrome who falls for a co-worker without disabilities. His debut on the big screen earned him recognition from the prestigious San Sebastian Festival to win the silver shell for best actor. The film was received positively by critics.

Paul, He stated that the film shows issues that until now were unknown because "are aspects of Down syndrome that have never come to light. Topics such as affectivity, sexuality or the world of feelings".

Message of inclusion

In the 2010 the Adecco Foundation, He participated in the budget of the film, He proposed to Pablo participate in a series of conferences that would be made by various countries to raise retail business and society in general on labour treatment without distinction to persons with disabilities; It was then that this nonprofit institution led him to explore a new facet in his life: that of Lecturer, speaking about the socio-labour inclusion of disabled persons wrong calls, Since "they are people with different abilities that have much to contribute if given the confidence".

Two years ago, Paul surprises again with the publication of his book "The challenge of learning", work that reflects on the education, teaching and learning; and he recounts his own experience of disability in the educational environment. Throughout these pages talk about what it has meant to learn for him and what education means, motivation, the good teacher, family, the companions, the "different" in society, diversity, the methods and strategies of learning.

However after trying to opositar to develop their profession, the Spanish Constitution declares that only they can choose this post those whose capabilities allow it, in these naturally not this Paul, You can license as master but our society does not allow you to exercise.

I ask myself: Are who the normal? Those who believe in them and overcome every day to achieve your dreams, or those who choose those who are trained to do so?.

Our society has a long way to go and much to learn from those who call ” different”.

Here you have a link to an interview Paul impressive.

Pilar L. Cárdenas





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