What makes you feel alive?

Living with passion is an intelligent way of living. Our feelings are the horses that pull us forward day after day, our passion is, without any doubt, one of the most intense emotions. Passion is the soul of our own success.

A life without passion wouldn’t allow us to achieve, or share, the real inner potential we are gifted with.

Nowadays we know that the human being is an emotional being, in more than 80%. That means that we react, move, decide and live according to our passions.

There are very few people that get to make of their passion their way of life, as well as there are very few that are able to share this way of life with others.

We can only live passionately through our own talents and our purpose in life. It’s not fame, money nor power that is behind success, but the passion for what we do.

This is a motivational conference that invites us to dare to take actions to get out of our comfort zone, undertake, and knock down boundaries.

"The only way to do an amazing work, is falling passionately in love with it every second"

Pilar L. Cárdenas
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