A horse, a Down's syndrome and a woman

“The rest of the world, I want to tell you to go to hell! because a woman can do anything and you can conquer the world”

Michelle Payne


These are the statements of the Jockey Michelle Payne, the first woman to win the Melbourne Cup in November of the 2015. The most important horse race in Australia which takes place from 1861.

His horse “Prince of Penzance”, which started with a 100-1 bets, won by surprise to “Max Dynamite” and “Criterion” in the race that took place at Flemington Racecourse.

Steve, brother of the winner with Down syndrome, It is responsible for taking care of the horse, demonstrating to the world that a team consisting of an animal, a woman and a Down syndrome can really get so far as to propose.


Life makes you obstacles, but you who sets the limits.

Michael explained as some owners of horses wanted away from the career, claiming that it was not strong enough and that had no possibilities. Most of them had never reached any of your dreams, However they believed with the ability to override others to do so.

This inspirational story teaches us that although many times we are tempted to take the easy way out, that you not take never to the top.

It's really great when your "weaknesses" emerge all of your strengths.

Are you one of those rebels who has decided to go for their dreams?, then you have to know that here only survive those swaying excuses every day.

You went hungry for adventure day remember?, and you learn to know he is swimming in the sea should leave the Fishbowl. Did you know the taste of fear but passion made you brave

Let me tell you something that you probably already know; There will be times when you doubt yourself and ask is worth?, You'll be tempted to sell your dreams . However, don't forget that you went out for something, do not return until you get it.

You're in the sea and now only have two roads, get lost in the immensity of the ocean or surfing on the big wave you've always been waiting for.

Are you thinking of surrender? There's no time for that. Look back through the eyes of that dream fisherman who lives in you and tell the world that you belong to that race does not negotiate with accountability. It is not time to hang up his gloves, but hit stronger.

If you want to go where most fail, you need to do something that most do not. Believe in you with such force that the rest of the world can not do anything else.

Every morning to open our eyes life going to ask the same question how would live today? And then you will again ask where are willing to go to get it?.

And you know... Life is not associated with those who do not compromise 100% with your dreams, She is too busy with those who call us rebels, fishing of salmon in the Savannah, crazy, those that we can lose it all, However a handful of dreams is always us in your Pocket.

Don't miss the crowd, the tall buildings and hurry. Remember that you are a fisherman's dream in the Savannah, that which is able to re - invent whenever life you change the script.




Pilar Cárdenas López


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