The Bucket List

The Bucket List

Now or never ( Spanish version)

In the time in which he taught philosophy, Carter Chambers invited students each year to produce what was called the ‘ bucket list ’, the list of all that these young people dreamed of doing, see or try before you die.
Forgetting this wise principle to itself, Carter missed the time, He feels trapped by many difficulties and family obligations and had to settle for four decades with his job as a mechanic. Today, your list is nothing more than a ridiculous mental exercise, a number of occasions that have been missed and memories that have flown. During this time, the billionaire, Edward Cole, He built an empire and endeavored to accumulate more money, without giving you time to savor your achievements.
One day, Cole and Carter are in the same room of hospital, with all the necessary time to take stock of their lives so different. Discover then that have at least two things in common: a huge desire to live and want urgently to all his unfulfilled dreams. The two men embark on this new twist in their lives. A journey of friendship, full of adventures, laughter and discoveries.

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