Dolors Bedos – Principal residence Can Sunyer

The arrival of pillar to our team was like a balm... opened the doors of a new attitude towards life. An attitude that predisposes you to grow, to get ahead, to know you. We have the need for teamwork. It is something vitally essential for our work to perfection, and to achieve this we must know our strengths, our limits and have absolute confidence in our partners. This is where pillar made a magnificent work. With your passion, his vocation, his wisdom has put the tiny seed required to start a path to us being carried to feel that what we want to achieve is within the reach of our hands. We keep alive our dreams!!!

Juan Manuel Fernandez - Director Hotel Meliá Sitges

In our case we are dedicated to people, We work with and for them, We are firm believers that the team that is part of the hotel is our main asset and try to act from this premise. Pillar, we met by chance and saw a clear need to do something with it, He knew our team and our team knew it she. We ask for something very specific, you encourage teamwork, Pilar understood it perfectly, adapted to the time that we had and organized us an incredible session to reinforce the message of "teamwork" . It stalled in all attendees. It has been a success and, without a doubt, We will organize more day to carry out some of the options offered by Coaching Inspiracional.

Robleda Marta Palacios – HR Training and e-learning manager at T500 Puratos

My first contact with Pilar is recent, but surely it is the beginning of a good friendship. Based on the results, I can say that as a Coach is generator of illusion. She motivates positive change. I have no hesitation in recommending its light to find personal safety at all levels. A hug!

Carlos Rodriguez - Sales Manager at T500 Puratos

Pilar , first and foremost, is a great person, second is a great professional and as a professional was able to help me to look inside of me, I challenged, It has helped me to grow , It has caused me rage, Teardrop, repentance has... achieved that I initiate a trip, very long... looking for me, to finally find me having evolved , having grown up, as a person. Actually I have you to thank for your support, for your help , to have been light, and for having shown the way"the path of the Warrior of light

Dolors Garcia Ramirez – Responsible for management and development of people in Autoequip

We are of the belief that the added value of any business or company are people, and that if we turn to them, to understand their motivations, concerns, fears… We will draw the best of them. For this reason we decided to trust professionals as a pillar to help us preview, to guide and lead our professionals to self-awareness through Coaching and mentoring so that they could overcome their barriers and identify improvement opportunities.

Teresa Ribera – Responsible for business unit

Thanks to the sessions with pillar I managed to grow a bit more and have another vision about what worries me. Has helped me to see the positive side where I saw only the negative and, the most important thing, to keep it and know how to retrieve it when you need it. Thanks a lot.

Jesús Gálvez – Training consultant at Tot Formació

For Tot Formació, training and quality are not just words if not a commitment to our customers. We are aware that this philosophy commits all members of our company, and therefore only add to our projects, trainers and partners that provide us with a plus of quality and professionalism. Having pillar as expert trainer in the area of effective communication means always a success. Its ability to compromise, its focus on people and their communication skills are a guarantee of a job well done.

Jordi Ubach – Codina Interiorisme i Disseny industrial

Coaching with you has helped me to decide to fight for a dream that time it had sluggish. And just the fact of starting it I launched forward but a constant and so fruitful sessions have been the determining factor to follow by the track no doubt.


You have given me tools, phrases and tips to keep my enthusiasm in the project.


You've managed to be patient!!!!! empathic, comprehensive and attentive to everything that you explained (you've managed to listen) and the result has been an interaction and good feeling between the two has led to a good development of the coaching.


Thanks to our complicity, I guess you did remove I had more inside with key questions. Questions that made me reflect and talk about those really critical issues.


Important and most transcendent themes went out alone in a very smooth way.


Also something very important is that I've been giving pushes or provoking at crucial moments to take decisions. Normally at the end of the session when I wondered that I intended for the following week. You've caused that it marked objectives to evolve.


The good atmosphere and I feel comfortable with you has allowed to speak of personal appearance internally i which helped me a lot.


The consequence of all this is that I've learned or rather I've noticed that there are to fight for your dreams for difficult or rare they may seem. That life is short and have to make the most of it, I have to learn and hear from others every day, I have to move and express our feelings without fear of being the only way that we know really.

Montse Casado – Masseur and beautician

Pilar is a very nice great trainer, with patience, It gave us much experience of life and I have learned a lot from it. I passed the time flying.

Irene Picard – Architect and Design Manager at Ges·OB (Consultancy and management of projects and works)

Pilar has given me a good shake and a strong stimulus to begin a process of revitalization of the company.


His outer vision has allowed me to focus on the weaknesses of my everyday and lively work to change what is in my hands.


I'm considering to hire her as a “head coach” I occasionally help in review travel fact and what is missing to go until you reach the desired objectives.

Joan Colon – Surveyor

After attending many formations, I have to confess that I had never completed a full course.

This formation has managed to spark my interest and get the better of my thanks to pillar, I can finally say that I have completed a full course!!

Fili Plaza – Jewelry designer

As a Coach, Pillar has helped me a lot to know rationalize my fears and return to focusing on my person, causing them to take control of my life again and again trusting my great possibilities.

Jose Gallego – Director Education Center Frangoal

Pilar has offered us a fantastic educational Coaching training in schools, and the role of the teacher as Coach, given very pleasant way in which the group participates and is easily integrated, getting to the learning flow.

Very interesting and entertaining sessions that lead us to reflection and to consider changes and different approaches in our educational work and staff. Congratulations to the profession!!.

Eva de la Morena – Coordinator of social L´espai “The Caixa de Catalunya CX”

A great experience.

During the 2012, Pilar made several collaborations with the EspaiSocia of Castelldefels. The activities had a great success among the adult audience of the Center. In summer he decided to carry out an innovative project: Coaching for children . It was an extraordinary experience, Since everyone could learn many things about the emotions. Pilar, with his great professionalism, It failed to achieve all its objectives and children experienced a new world of emotions and learned new concepts very interesting activities. Thank you very much for all pillar!

Jan Jonckheere – International Business Expert

I have had the opportunity to carry out a process of Coaching with pillar and have to admit that it is all a crack!.

At first I had my doubts about the methodology of Coaching, but soon pillar has been able to convince the power of Coaching. Also in a few sessions has known me directed by clarifying my objectives and improving my attitude in certain situations.

Pilar has been able to quickly grasp my needs, ask the appropriate questions and delving into the topics for such results in rather short terms. Also does it in a very natural way, without pressure you, but with assertiveness and professionalism to reach concrete results.

Whether it's personal or professional issues (I've lucky enough to be able to deal with her two), He managed to get the best out of myself and turn it into opportunities and improve myself as a person and as a professional, and I'll be always grateful for that!.

Silvia Fernandez Capcha – Director training in personal development and leadership and innovation talent

Pilar is a close person who opens you shamelessly, He is a professional with lots of experience and especially with an incredible active listening skills, which has allowed me to live my moments of silence for answers within me. I've got changes in my way of seeing things, give me account, grow emotionally and professionally. For me is a unique being who accompanied my growth altruistically.

Pilar thanks for this timeshare

Teresa Rivera – Responsible for business in Accelya

Thanks to the process of Coaching with pillar I managed to grow and have another vision about what worries me. Has helped me to see the positive side where I saw only the negative and, the most important thing, to keep it and know how to retrieve it when you need it. Thanks a lot