Love me very much, but love me good. Violence Vs self-esteem

Maribel Figols suffered psychological and physical abuse by her ex-husband. The storm was short-lived since he took the brave decision to leave the relationship. After leaving his native Spain, Maribel decided to start their new life in Sydney, where to have a happy life full of opportunities. Today is a woman worthy of inspiration.
Pilar López, personal development expert, interview with Maribel Figols as part of the project “Woman, you inspire me”. ( see video and article below).
She, It was a sweet smile perennial Princess. The, became wrong Prince. Affectionate and attentive personality fascinated she. To the 16 years love is confused, inexperience flows and passion rampage.
Its history began a night of Carnival, where no one seems to; and it seems, has nothing to do with reality. Maribel are left wanting. Who could guess then, This wonderful man would become his greatest enemy?
Ironies of life, the day that Maribel fulfilled 25 years, It gave the “If I want to” in a religious wedding, as the parents of the groom had wanted it to be.
Nothing seemed to portend that you just two years after its marriage, Maribel Add to that long list ofwomen you go through the hard experience of gender-based violence. Why do??, what had changed?, where was the man who filled it details?
As the vast majority of these stories, It all started with the psychological abuse, where her attacker demeaning it making him feel that it was not worth for nothing, to harass her and keeping economic control.
So describes us Maribel violence suffered: “I felt like a shit. As in a cage where he could not get out. Not seen anything more beyond. I wanted to die because my life didn't make sense. It was a great feeling of failure. I remember always depressed in bed and full of sadness.”
At first not found it easy to recognize your situation. Physical violence was necessary so that they jump their alarms and the decision to abandon the relationship, leaving your home, their belongings and all of a project for the future which had lasted 12 years.
This decision was not supported in the first instance by his family, with a mind conservative and full of prejudices, advised to continue with her attacker out of fear to the “what say”. However; with the support of his father and his cousin, decided to go ahead with his divorce, While saying to herself: “My life worth living. I want to live.”
Maribel advised by police and her caseworker was changed from city, leaving his native Tarragona in Spain to settle in the South of Andalusia. There he started from scratch, with new friends, psychological support, new work and ultimately, a new life full of opportunities.
She tells us that low self-esteem led her to allow abuse. Since childhood always he had been told in his house that it was not used to anything, that was not smart and had made her feel little more than nothing. His mother, always depressed, didn't have healthy self-esteem. All this affected him to the point of tolerating violent behavior by his family.
Maribel recognizes that personal development has helped her to overcome this experience. Do yoga, meditation, read self-help books and in general work on oneself, It is the key to feel strong and full of energy. From that point it is easier to make decisions.
Two years ago made the decision to emigrate to Australia where he currently works with children, a vocational profession that makes her happy. When you look at the mirror, Maribel He says he sees a girl willing to do many things and feels like a little girl.
Our Warrior says he entitled his experience as a history of struggle and perseverance, the man holding his heart will be someone who respects it and rate it. Above all, Maribel is very clear that we are, women, that we should love and value us as the great treasure that we are.
I can note that the Princess became a Queen, his smile stays perennial. However; his experience has left an imprint that reminds you of the importance of protecting and loving the most valuable thing has: herself.
Self-esteem is the way in which each value itself, the sum of how they feel about their appearance, his skills, your conduct, How to integrate the experiences of the past and feel valued by others. It is our inner world full.
People who tend to engage in a relationship in which there is violence are those having low self-esteem, both by the attacker and the attacked. The worst psychological aftermath of victims of ill-treatment is the low self-esteem who suffer and who manages to make them lose their own identity.
Love for one's self is an option: We can choose it as the most powerful force that exists. Equal to that you choose hatred or rage that you bring to the suffering, You can decide to take the path of peace and inner harmony.
How much would you yourself?
Maribel, you inspire me
Pilar López

Love me very much, but love me good. Violence Vs self-esteem

Inspired artistic work in the history of Maribel

Venezuelan photographer Gabriela Villalba was based on the life of Maribel Figols to create the photographic work “When leave of rain”. The artist remarked that:
As we walked, We talk about politics, climate, the life of the immigrant. I understood his nostalgia for some affection. We speak of love and heartbreak. Of the storms of the past. I understood their connection with the sea, yoga and meditation. I found the sincere look and leisurely voice of a woman who does not surrender and who respects his present as a boost to achieve your dreams.

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