Team Building & Multi-adventure


"Individuals mark goles, but the teams win matches" (Zig Ziglar)

This English term, means construction of equipment. It certainly fits that build equipment is one of the most important tasks and at the same time difficult to entire organization. This should be very clear that the teams are those who work and combine all of your resources and efforts in pursuit of a common goal.

Learn about the current strengths, the areas for improvement, as well as the values that govern the teams, they are essential to obtain their full potential.

These activities aim to unite ,motivate, Discover leadership skills and create a community identity that all contribute their best, coming to the excellence and final result. All of this is carried out in a framework outdoor, IE outside of the Organization, where participants increase their auto discovery and that of their peers ,in a fertile context and a framework, that allows the strengthening of interpersonal relationships.

Coaching Inspiracional programs, they are revelatory experiences, given that impact not only as a team but also personally. The fact implement methodologies of Coaching, and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) among others, they make these activities much more than a game, where participants have fun. Its purpose is to build successful teams, with values, through the excitement, the action and reflection.

We use the games and the fictitious dinamcas, then bring the teachings to real life integrated and professional. The experiential learning it becomes an immense opportunity to explore where, experience and share.

There are many and good reasons why companies decide to organize a day Team Building;

  • Enhance decision making.
  • Stimulate the communication between departments and employees.
  • Define and clarify strategies.
  • Discover leaders.
  • promote responsibility and awareness.
  • Improve the climate work and resolve conflicts.
  • Motivate the team.
  • Build a team identity.
  • Define roles.
  • The emotionality and the values.
  • Aware of the need for interpersonal collaboration.
  • Know the limitations as a group and turn them into opportunities as a team.
  • Increase efficiency and ingenuity.

We allow that to surface that child that we have inside, Learn while you play. This is the most genuine way of “learning by doing”.