Experiential workshops

Gift experiences and get knowledge. (Pilar López)

The term learning by doing o hands-on learning, as introduced in our culture currently comes to say that experiential learning is a unique opportunity to create spaces where to build learning, by immersing us in the experimentation and exploration. It is in fact the original and primitive way nature of learning.

Already the ancient philosophers said : Any theory that arises comes after the experience. And to corroborate this, no more illustrative example than the Experiential workshops.

This methodology so powerful that it is focused on the formation and transformation of people, its capabilities, competencies, leadership, etc.. rests also on the interrelationship with other people, What makes the synergy and systemic Dynamics to give added value to the acquisition of knowledge, creating high performance teams, strengthening values and enhancing effective communication.

Talleres vivenciales

In these experiential laboratories , people use your body, your mind and your 5 senses in dynamics that allows that you emotions, reflection and interaction are part of a process, and finally integration into each person.

He live in the present, i.e. the here and the now, Open us our most direct reality consciousness, from where it is possible to make any changes.

These experiences are totally revealing, to the extent that, reflections act as triggers of the learning, of self knowledge, where will the facilitator guide participants towards the interiorization of the experience, so there is a deep transfer, to make the individual to put into practice all lived in his work and personal environment. This is a very powerful methodology that leads to immediate change processes on many occasions.

In these workshops are used methods that directly contact the interior and with the "heart" of persons, If we bear in mind that we are 80% emotion and our decisions go through the sieve first this part, We will hardly achieve cause changes in them, or in ourselves, without having in mind this factor.

For this reason any well structured business program that seeks to have an impact on the attitudes and get motivation and energy for change and improvement of his team should have with Experiential workshops.

Games, group dynamics, psychodrama, artistic expression, creativity, art, musical and personal resources, etc… they are just some techniques included in these workshops. Naturally within a context and to achieve team goals.

These training programs tend to be very well received by the people, Since leaving everyday routine frame and “they learn without realizing it”.


  • Generation of trust and commitment.
  • Breaking of paradigms.
  • Motivate and value to the team.
  • Encouraging creativity.
  • Encourage employees to set goals and deadlines.
  • Optimize communication.
  • Create new ideas to improve conflict.
  • Rating personal goals and others.
  • Stimulate team work.
  • Assess personal skills.
  • Encourage the social integration of workers in the working environment.