Motivational seminars & Firewalking

Currently the companies are aware of the importance of owning a suitably qualified human structure and with a high degree of motivation, able to share the objectives set by the company itself, making them yours.

High competitiveness in all segments of the market, today requires companies to use all available resources to raise productivity. The motivation to meet the premise of achieving the greater performance at lower cost. For this reason , the 70% companies implements actions to motivate employees, It is the engine of change.

The motivation is to generate in the worker wishes of overcoming, that you revert in benefits for the company.


The Motivation It is the force or the incentive that leads to perform an action. It is related with the nature and intensity of the desire to engage in an activity, i.e., they are the horses that pull us.

The Motivation It is the first component that allows a high level of commitment and involvement in the work. For this reason, It is one of the skills that people need to develop to achieve high levels of performance.

It is unlikely a person without motivation to achieve relevant search results in a professional career or in your personal life.

The motivation can be:

It is that comes from abroad, where is the activity of the person a means to an end. The activity may be a means to make money, Fame, status. This type of motivation focuses the person goals and not the way to achieve them. It is associated with the fact to follow a way faster, more direct to get to the goal and almost always obvious and trite way.

Usually, people with this type of motivation have no care to see how come where they go. The issue is to get and receive reward.

It is that comes from within. It gives the possibility to enjoy what we do, you get personal satisfaction because the activity is significant in itself. External rewards are no account. Things are done because they want to, the work is not as such because it causes pleasure, You can enjoy with what we do.

In addition to the designated motivators, There are the additional including is They include two:

The need for achievement is the desire to improve, to be excellent and is a primary source for increased productivity. For this reason, We recommend managers hire people with these characteristics. Also the company can instill in people the desire for achievement through vision and organizational culture. The deterioration of this kind of motivation is a harbinger of future decline for the Organization.

Self-realization, like other additional motivators, It means to put as much of himself into a work. Creativity is a means of self-realisation because people structured internal chaos, which calls for order and are able to organize it. This happens to musicians and artists when they combine to express, by means of different codes, their emotions. The same thing happens when you write a literary or scientific work.

In general, people with high levels of performance feel the desire of do something to differentiate them. Are interested in what you want to achieve today and tomorrow and not on what you were yesterday. Although they do things because they like them, sometimes, they are reluctant to receive praise and offset by what you have done.


More far-reaching goals of the company.

Increase in teamwork.

Emphasis on the personal leadership.

Creation of a work environment which will positively impact.

Integration and team satisfaction.

Retaining talent in our organizations, low staff turnover.

Development of the commitment.


The case Google

GoogleThe politics of the Internet giant is the motivation to its maximum expression and is summed up in the phrase: “Happy employee, Creative employee”; and therefore, and long term, more productive employee.

With a staff of 300 computer, does not hesitate to pamper them: Games, gym, massage, Library and chill out for stress. This is the philosophy of Google, an experience to take into consideration, Since increased profits in a 30%.


  • Changing your reality from the ACTION, impact at the same time on yourself and your environment.
  • You reencontrarás you with your desires, your challenges, and your dreams, and you'll be prepared to see them materialized.
  • Turning your limiting beliefs in EMPOWERING BELIEFS.
  • Transcending your limits.
  • Connecting with your PERSONAL POWER.
  • Developing new strategies for action aimed at achieving.
  • Acknowledging to your INNER LEADER.
  • Aprendrendiendo that what you thought was impossible, You can do it.
  • Detecting those MENTAL TATTOOS that it prevent you closer to your goals.
  • Acquiring the skills to generate POWERFUL MENTAL STATES.
  • Deshaciendote of old limiting habits and creating new HABITS ENHANCERS.
  • Transforming fear into POWER.
  • Descubrirendo your TALENT and putting at the service of your OBJECTIVES.
  • Learning how to give the best of you, for RECEIVE THE EXTRAORDINARY.


The techniques used in each formation will always depend of the objectives, the typology the team and the process in which they are. Our Firewalking (walk on fire), is perhaps one of the techniques more ponderadoras and demanded by our contributors, Although the Glass walking (walking on glass), rupture of wood, fall of confidence, arrows break, etc…. they are technical key to the development of motivation, use form metaphorical to that mental processes and physical is unan achieve excellence in results.