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"Success comes to those who are busy looking for it" (Henry Thoreau)


The demands of the present time of crisis, without a doubt, are evidencing the necessity of improve our professional performance, in order to be able to successfully address the major challenges. And at the same time, These greater demands are showing, in many cases, our failure to follow the pace demanded by the circumstances, find us now at the limit of our possibilities.

In this context, the work of coaching is extremely effective, given that the coaching, in essence, is a process of self-improvement, to empower people so they can get to be their best I, and they can deploy all the talent within, training them so that they can overcome their biggest challenges.


For who

The work-oriented managers, Chiefs or leaders of company, you want to improve performance in their organizations and in their life in particular. Help executives achieving alignment between personal goals and those of its functions in enterprises, in order to find the best way to obtain greater satisfaction in their lives. It is useful for the development, not only of labour competencies, but also emotional self-control skills, Trust, initiative, creativity, flexibility, consistency and integrity, It will allow managers and supervisors, lead with empathy and wisdom, in plans, strategic decisions, professional management, establishment of priorities, etc.

Commercial departments, marketing, R.R.H.H. Finance, post sale, etc...

For what

Allows groups of people around a common purpose to identify and achieve the goals that are set and, at the same time, enjoy the process, in such a way that:

  • People understand and assume their responsibilities.
  • Align the team values, philosophy and objectives of the company.
  • The team members interact objectively, making them differentiate their behaviors of your identity.
  • The team achieves results superior to your goals.
  • Equipment to achieve an atmosphere of trust, through better communication, Since the Coach teaches them how to listen without judging, How to understand beyond words.
  • The team to achieve the necessary transformation to perform the reorientation is required.
  • Objectives clearly .
  • Get enthusiasm and motivation at work.
  • Lead to winning hearts and minds.
  • Have greater confidence in their own abilities and equipment.
  • Interest in the use of tools and systems.


"A fixed idea, always seems like a great idea, not to be large, but for that fills an entire brain" (Jacinto Benavente)

What is NLP

The NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) It is the science of how the brain encodes the learning and experience. This encoding It affects our behavior and the way we communicate. It is the key to achieving goals and acquire excellence.

Twenty years ago, NLP became the first tool “real” that allowed understand and achieve human excellence replicas: And it remains.

NLP teaches us how to achieve personal and professional goals and provides us with tools and skills to achieve States of individual excellence, and also establishes a system of beliefs and assumptions about human beings, the communication and the processes of change.

NLP is the study of the structure of subjective experience. He argues that people think and act based on their internal representations of the world and not based on the same world. Once we understand specifically how we create and maintain our thinking and internal feelings, is a simple thing for us to replace them with other more useful.

Is also described as “software for the brain”. It is a practical model that teaches us to use our own brain.


For who

All professionals in any sector (sellers, medical, therapists, managers ,trainers, etc.) , you interact with people in your professional field.

Helping to generate best interpretations of what happens in the minds of the rest of the people, and in this way, to generate changes in them. These changes are basically, changes in its own model of reality (the customers, etc.)

For what

It is the best tool that exists for persuade and influence. Applicable in negotiations with our customers, suppliers and our team, improving communication with others.

  • Teaches us to get a better RapPort with others, to observe and measure non-verbal components, to achieve more precisely and how to prepare and achieve goals.
  • Provides us with a multitude of tools to change personal limitations in resources, with the advantage that excellent results are obtained in a short time (sometimes surprisingly short).
  • It allows us to handle a mental dynamics through which we can control emotions, learn fast, achieve self-motivation, dealing with fears and phobias, will acquire excellence States to deal with situations, etc.
  • Increase the self-confidence of a remarkable and speedy way.
  • Develops professional growth and drives us towards success, significantly helps reduce stress.
  • It shows us that we are, how we perceive things and we want to be.


“Health is the unit that gives value to all zeros of life" (Bernard Le Bouvier)


Today, in the health field you are working with a level of important emotional overload. Both health workers and people who are demanding these services raise the emotional charge of the centers to the extreme limits. On the other hand, model organizational and management in the healthcare sector is undergoing profound reforms. New protocols, new directions, requirement of objectives, purchasing policies are already affecting the current health care model. We are at the gates of a paradigm shift that will affect the performance of the health professionals. With all of this, It is necessary a new approach with different methodologies and tools that Coaching is essential.


For who

Directed to physicians, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Occupational therapists, Pharmaceutical, Nutritionists, Social workers, Psychotherapists, Professionals from other related disciplines in the health field. Discover the keys to optimize queries with the patient-focused.

For what

  • Develop resources to motivate the patient to reach your highest level of well-being.
  • To maximize the skills of the health care professional, to make its work more effective and satisfactory.
  • Develop potential in health professionals and improve the working environment, finding satisfaction in their work.
  • Enhance teamwork and motivation.
  • Help patients from other perspectives with a methodology that brings responsibility and takes conscious about their health.
  • Support professionals with innovative tools that foster the excellence of his work, complementing attitude and aptitude.


A good speaker always will be a simple talker and will be lost if you don't know to capture the audience with your heart and your mind” (Wilson Mizner)

For what

We all know the power with the expert speakers in the business and professional world, good communicators as they get immediately captivate your audience, keep attention and get at the end of their exhibition his audience to change their beliefs and even their way of acting. Know to convince others about your ideas and projects, It is without doubt the dream of all.

Seduce your audience, win your heart and turn your mind are the key to success in achieving our objectives. Enjoy with your exposures and do participate it the rest, use the sense of humor as a vehicle for connection and master emotion generating perfect weather, they are some of the differences between someone who spends words and a speaker who triumphs.



  • Get participants to enhance their communication skills and public speaking business, personal and professional, before any kind of audience.
  • Use a dynamic learning system, practical and experiential (video recordings), in order to ensure the individual and group learning car.
  • Overcome fear and fright.
  • Learn how to use the non-verbal language effectively.
  • Security and trust enabled.
  • Understand the existing synergy between the various elements that make up the speech and its importance (Image, oral aspect, gestural, vocal, etc…).
  • Convey the sense of ethics, the enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration necessary to be an outstanding leader.
  • Know and master the different techniques for an exhibition of success.


  • Importance of good communication. What is the oratory?.
  • Our internal barriers. How to recognize them and how overcome them.
  • Know yourself and others through the four powers. What type of speaker are?.
  • Emotional intelligence. Difference between leader and Manager.
  • Wake up your genius orator. Motivate you and motivates others.
  • Types and purpose of the speech.
  • The power of human relationships. The magic of the technique.
  • Hypnotic selling ideas.
  • The 10 Secrets to be a speaker in high impact.
  • Preparation and testing, time, structure and closure of the exhibition.
  • Our image. The first sale.
  • Non-verbal language. What does our body?. What you've been missing and now know.
  • Positive relationship with your audience. It interacts.
  • Rhetorical resources (dating, anecdotes, comparison, metaphor, narration, Description, irony, examples).
  • Sense of humor. Something very serious.
  • Improvisation. An infallible weapon.
  • How to capture the attention of the public.
  • Techniques to improve the diction. Intonation, rhythm, Speed and breathing.
  • Utterance.
  • The 7 spiritual laws of a good changes conspirator.
  • Visual AIDS and resources for a good presentation.


“A product not only should be good, It must also be seen"


Did you know that every year they invested more than 10 million euros in the launch of new products / services that fail?.

Marketing has become in recent times in a fundamental area for the obtaining of a company's profitability. To be preferred by our customers is the primary objective of this discipline. Know how to think, why they act as they act, how they make decisions, and how they choose, and are related to your products, brands, advertising and own commercial physicist who treats them, they are some of the most discussed questions in Marketing.

From Neuroscience and the study of the human brain ( NLP) , many of these questions have a different approach, carrying it organizations to understand by which some brands, products or companies, They strongly penetrate into the subconscious of the brains of consumers, and they manage to engage emotionally with customers, generating big benefits for businesses.

Thanks to multiple studies of the brain, We know that feelings affect the operation of the same and are basic at the time of purchase, eating or taking decisions. But do we know ourselves as decision-making figures at our company to guide these actions?

NLP and Neuro Marketing as a strategic tool, combines the results of those studies, with important concepts, as brand positioning, the market research, the design of products or services, pricing, communication and advertising planning, among many others.

Meet our consumers and learn how to seduce them offering them what want and that sometimes is contrary to what express, is to live in your mind, establishing a relationship of love and fidelity.



  • Provide new knowledge about the brain mechanisms that determine the behavior of the people before their own decisions of purchase and consumption of products and services to facilitate the sale and customer loyalty.
  • Understand the Neuro-marketing as a discipline that allows us to be more assertive, in an increasingly competitive environment.
  • Bring us a marketing action plan ,using the NLP and Neuro-marketing tools, apply it to products, sales force and advertising tools.


Session 1: Know that Neuro-marketing is and how I can help us in our business, taking into account that it is the future.

  • Where we are and where the market is headed? New paradigms.
  • The era of the brain. Migration of Neuro-marketing marketing.
  • Why they buy to others and not you?.
  • Technologies and techniques of Neuro-Marketing to meet market and customer.
  • Case studies and group dynamics.

Session 2: Be aware of the emotional response from our customers and how to start this phenomenon to seduce the attention and generate influence in their decisions to purchase and loyalty.

  • The ritual of the conquest. The key to the biochemistry.
  • Loyalty with the 5 senses.
  • Discover how oblivious to our clients wishes and needs.
  • The power of the unconscious mind.
  • Commercial techniques of visualization and suggestion.
  • Case studies and group dynamics.

Session 3: Know dissect and reach our target from the different conditions that cause the purchase decision consciously and subconsciously.

  • Target and positioning. Our client is unique.
  • Sexes. Physiological differences and trade effects.
  • The product like brain construction.
  • The price as perceptual construction.
  • Case studies and group dynamics.

Session 4: How to get more customers and a higher loyalty, through a communication based on NLP and Neuro-marketing (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming ), applied to marketing.
  • Communication to the Neuro-communication.
  • Channels of communication and connection with the client.
  • Messages with impact.
  • The triad of the three "Es".
  • Case studies and group dynamics.

Duration: 20 hours

"If you want to fish, you have to listen to the river"


"There is no more powerful man, to him who is able to control himself"


Possibly in many occasions you ever wondered Why do others have what I want? , and the answers may have been.... luck?, wit?, preparation? resources?. We are going to reveal to you what is undoubtedly the biggest springboard towards the success.

Develop a good emotional intelligence, It is having the power to change many of the things that happen to our around.

Today day it has discovered the great need to use emotional intelligence and develop it so that companies and individuals better manage their teams, have more self-control of emotions, relate in a positive way, have good leaders in your equipment, better manage time and be more productive, increase your motivation, manage stress, solve conflicts properly and encourage their creativity.

Neuroscience has valuable information on the workings of the human mind to making our service, is a true tool of success.

This is an opportunity to reflect, share and grow, taking you post some ideas will no doubt join us on the path towards your goals!!


Module I

Module II




  • The basis of emotional intelligence:
    • Emotional intelligence. The basis of success and happiness.
    • History / neuroscience of emotion.
    • Physiology of the brain.
    • Concept of emotion.
    • Emotional competence.
  • Why and which of the emotions:
    • Classification of emotions.
    • What are and how we impact.
    • The emotional process and its components.
    • Taking of consciousness, responsibility and action.
    • Comfort zone.
  • Language and emotional communication:
    • Language and communication. The power of words.
    • Mental patterns. Internal dialogue.
    • Emotional vocabulary.
    • The language of the eyes.
    • Non-verbal language.
  • Self-knowledge and its tools:
    • Approach and listening body.
    • Self-knowledge and self assessment.
    • Self-esteem. Known and recognised. Talents.
    • Perception and emotion.


Under the umbrella of the NLP and Coaching (Neuro-linguistic programming), fully experiential sessions and practices evolve, where can the participant experience and interact with the rest of the Group. We'll focus on three areas ( cognitive, emotional and body). Supporting us with group dynamics, music, group coaching sessions, videos and support materials.


The participant will experience some high impact motivation techniques, in order to reinforce the message of the sessions.

* These techniques only a Certified Instructor in high motivation techniques can facilitate approved impact.




  • Management of emotions:
    • The Johari window.
    • Types of emotional responses.
    • Process for the self management of emotions.
    • How to promote a good AMP (Positive mental attitude).
    • Motivation.
  • Beliefs and conflict resolution in the labor area:
    • Emotional needs in the enterprise.
    • Who are the beliefs and how we impact.
    • Characteristics of a leader with emotional intelligence.
    • Guidelines for the management of conflictes in the workplace.
  • The value of the Securities and their emotional impact:
    • What are the values?.
    • Connection between values and emotional system.
    • Resolving conflicts in interpersonal values.
  • Social and emotional skills:
    • Active listening. Listening techniques.
    • Empathy. The shortest way to connect with others.
    • Assertiveness as emotional management tool.
    • How to measure the emotional climate in an organization.


Under the umbrella of the NLP and Coaching (Neuro-linguistic programming), fully experiential sessions and practices evolve, where can the participant experience and interact with the rest of the Group. We'll focus on three areas ( cognitive, emotional and body). Supporting us with group dynamics, music, group coaching sessions, videos and support materials.


The participant will experience some high impact motivation techniques, in order to reinforce the message of the sessions.

* These techniques only a Certified Instructor in high motivation techniques can facilitate approved impact.


"If things seem under control, It is probably that you do not carry enough speed" (Mario Andretti)


Where you have to go, take action to achieve your goals?

Would you like an easy and safe method that will help you to boost your business and your team?

It is a fact that the situation that we live in today is not the most propitious for businesses flow into its growth naturally.

We see newspaper companies struggling to adapt to the new times, business plans that never came to be, owners and employees unable to deal with situations of mismanagement, demotivation, or families that have been played entirely by all with a unique activity that now has them hanging by a thread their subsistence.

And what about acquisitions, mergers, are you and other business transactions that come up like mushrooms in autumn?. The changes require of changes, new perspectives and approaches.

They are also companies who want to make a qualitative leap in their projects and are looking for that extra dose leading to excellence.

In short there is that REACTIVATED, If we want to continue on the crest of the wave!!. Companies do not need so much training as "transformation". It must regain the passion, the spirit of excellence, raise awareness of computer and open the mind to allow new.

The only thing constant is change, and companies "dinosaur", they have no place in this new era, in which the human factor is the protagonist of this victory.


For who

Many multinational, SMEs and family businesses are forced to close, in many cases for reasons that go beyond the purely economic. They have forgotten that a company is a team of people with the same address. People with fears, goals, values, talent, etc.. and have made your bet to the number and the wrong color!

There is only place for companies of cool and warm heart.

In our proposal PISA AND REACTIVATE THE ACCELERATOR OF YOUR COMPANY, We invite you to recover the pulse of your business and your team.

If you expect a training use, where it is delivered you a dossier and someone starts to talk about what you must or must not do, This is not an experience that you should live.

For what

What we offer you are 16 hours of opportunities for REACTIVATE your business, see, hear and feel that IF, YOU CAN!!. getting:

  • Increase in self-esteem.
  • Clarify goals.
  • Overcome obstacles.
  • It inspires positive thoughts.
  • It allows the personal exploration.
  • Comprehensive approach to creating new options.
  • Convert a group to a first division team.
  • Take awareness and responsibility.
  • It invites to the action.
  • Power all your resources.
  • Helps in the resolution of conflicts.
  • It teaches to think and reflect.
  • Self motivation techniques.
  • Assessment and decision-making by applying the D.I.S.P.A.R.A method.

The D.I.S.P.A.R.A method. It is a simple and easy method by which we develop the philosophy ofl Profit Coaching to get the maximum out of your full potential.

With this method of action do not leave any subject to improvisation and make sure to follow a logical process in the achievement of your objectives. The accompaniment is done naturally without forcing any situation or cause any unnecessary change.

Each initial corresponds to a step forward and you located in the situation you are, in the distance are covered and which you need to go. You will have a controlled reality and a identified target knowing at all times which is the next step to give. The doubts will disappear and you will be taken to be responsible for your actions, committed to your goal and aware of your situation.


  • Generating mental States for success.
  • Neuroscience and comfort zone.
  • Objectives. Do you want it or wish?.
  • Overcoming obstacles.
  • Limiting beliefs.
  • Fears.
  • Negative influences and supports.
  • Internal dialogue.
  • Personal motivation - self confidence.
  • Group to first division team.
  • D.I.S.P.A.R.A method for achieving objectives.
  • Conflict resolution.

To receive information about the program and grants, contact us.


“A teacher works to eternity: No one can say just where your influence" (Henry Brooks Adams)


It is a reality that our society to evolved at a rate where the current educational system fails to achieve it. We follow a model of education based on the assessment and not the evolution, not allowing the student to develop at its greatest exponent. Education is much more than transferring knowledge, It is of "learning to learn", feed the own resources and open windows where to explore from the inside out.

If education is the seed of the future, What do we sow?. Instructional Coaching is the answer .


For who

Professionals in the field of education, teachers, psychologists, educators, therapists, managers and leaders of educational organizations, family mediators, counselors in the field of education, Directors of schools and centers, foundations, academics and careers like teaching specialized centers, Psychology, other studies in the field of education and pedagogy.

Professional training for adolescents and adults.

For what

Implement innovative educational models in the classroom, It will enable the quality and methodology of learning.

Support via skills coaching students, parents and other agents of the educational environment.

Educators and trainers teach a new tools to enhance to the "to be", all knowledge base.

  • Increase in self-esteem.
  • I learn vocabulary to express my emotions.
  • Overcoming fears.
  • Developing social skills and emotional intelligence.
  • It inspires positive thoughts.
  • Greater self-awareness.
  • It allows the personal exploration.
  • Comprehensive approach to creating new options.
  • Take awareness and responsibility.
  • It invites to the action.
  • Learn how to 'learn'.
  • Power all its resources.
  • Working values, beliefs, habits...
  • It develops creativity.
  • It helps in the resolution of conflicts, internal and external.
  • It teaches to think and reflect.
  • Self motivation and positive language.
  • It assesses and makes decisions for the same.


"A man with an idea is crazy until you succeed" (Mark Twain)

Being an entrepreneur is to be "a different race", is not enough to know about marketing, Finance, communication.... You must be an entrepreneurial mentality. It is not the same being a great chef who set up a restaurant.

But... What is really? According to statistics the 80% the business fail during the 5 first years. But, not live all the same economic situation ? is it not true that the framework is the same for those who succeed in their sleep than those who fail to work?. The difference lies in the mentality of each other.

It is a fact that the 80 % what you do has to do with psychology and only the 20% remaining has to do with mechanics. So the more you understand how your mind works, You can better master the sale, management, marketing your business in general.

The fundamentals of entrepreneurship, especially when you do not have enough experience, It is not so much in everything you know about business and sales, but in how it faces what is happening while doing so. For example what learn hundreds of techniques of sales if you can't manage your frustration when you don't reach your initial expectations? Develop an entrepreneurial mindset, know auto encourage you, manage your emotions, think big, Turning obstacles into opportunities, recognize the supports that you drive, be very clear where you are going and use all your resources and personal tools to get your idea to stop being a dream and becomes a reality.

The mentality of any entrepreneur's success, is based on a positive attitude, where passion is your maximum. This is a prerequisite more important than any rule or technique that you can learn!!

I invite you to bet at all in what are always going to win "yourselves and your personal growth".

"The real voyage of discovery is not see new worlds, but to change the eyes" (Marcel Proust)

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