"Because training can no longer be only information. It offers experiences and have knowledge" (Pilar López)

If we take into account the fact estadisitco that speaks to us of a 88 % Spanish companies carrying out training activities for employees, faced with the 27% of ago 20 years, It is evident that entrepreneurs do not ignore the fact that bet on training is undoubtedly the best investment.

Now well, for the training to be really effective, a transmission of information is not enough, on the other hand this information today to everyone.

From inspirational Coaching, We understand that a teacher is not one that is home to many knowledge, but he who creates more teachers. Any trainer who wants to carry this profession for excellence, you have to know the functioning of our mind and takes out the learning process (as experts in NLP, This gives us an additional educational value). These psychological processes are created as a result of different experiences, so our commitment is in a experiential learning, where participants learn to dive into their own experiences and experiences, is a learning “making” It reflects on the same “do”.

We encourage the reproduction of situations that occur in the real life through metaphors, simulations, group dynamics and innovative activities.

After the study in which it was deducted that we learn:

5 % of what we hear
10% from what we read
20% What we hear and see
50% to argue, and reflect in a guided group
75% to carry out activities

We cannot remain impassive to a change of training methodology that make us more competent, that challenge participants to explore and discover auto their skills, attitudes ,your way of perceiving the world , analyzing mental patterns and behaviors . Taking consciousness and implicandose in their own learning process.

The real changes that impact and endure in people are those who come from the emotions, the values, own attitudes and beliefs. Get in this world, It is to possess the key to all knowledge and personal and professional development

Any training program that prepares have to count with the 3 E ’ s (to Teach, to Entertain and to Thrill), in the same way that learning will be powerful in that they follow the thread of the observation, action (experimentation), processing (reflection) e integration.

The secret is to involve and integrate the different dimensions (spiritual, Physics, social and psychic). Allowing us to achieve concrete results, based on the objectives of the company.

Our training programs, they are totally flexible and tailored to the needs of the company, profile of participants and aligned with the essence and philosophy of our collaborators.

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires” (William A. Ward)