The hero's journey

"The heroes embark on travel, they face dragons and discover the treasure of your own identity...” (Carol Pearson)

Discover who we are, What is our purpose in life, where we go and that strategies are taking place to get it, It is perhaps the travel more challenging and exciting that we never take. This is the story of oldest and most recurrent of the human being from the beginning of time.

Each of us contains a hero waiting for a call. The hero goes to the adventure and starts his journey. While more than a series of challenges that learn valuable lessons. At last, rHe graduated to the place of home transformed, having ascended in its interior along a spiral of growth. Throughout our lives we make several of these cycles as we evolve.

The longest journey that we will never make, is our own personal evolution, This is a journey without end, in which you go and you come but you always remain with the suitcase ready.

But the real journey is never a flight nor a submission, ES evolution. Search is just like when you study, explore, ask…. It's so revealing as suggestive!. For this purpose it is necessary to pass by the separation process, initiation and return.

We have one from Coaching Inspiracional Outoor Training proposal in which we invite you to discover at that stage of your journey you are. those who accompany you in that way, where you want to go and which things are important to you.

I guarantee that this adventure will not be one more.


Just as the hero mitologico, We will overcome various stages, in an outdoor setting.

01. The ordinary world: The hero begins in his cotiadiana life in the known world. Everything is familiar and stable. You feel comfortable. He sees life in a certain way.

02. The call of adventure: At any given time, the hero a problem occurs, a challenge or adventure, and that's when it must decide if it responds to the call or not (We want a change).

03. Reluctance of the hero or the call reject: By fear of the unknown or change, or by adherence to what is known, the hero rejects the call. It prefers to continue in their everyday world “comfort zone”, in the comfort and familiarity.

04. Meet the mentor or the supernatural help: The hero is someone “Coach” or something that leads him to finally accept the call. You receive more information about the adventure or make some important learning that encourages him to meet the challenge.

05. The first threshold: Through the first threshold, the hero leaves his ordinary world to enter into a different world, Special or magical. It delves into the unknown and leaving behind the familiar.

06. Testing, allies and adversaries: As you move along your way, the Hero faces a series of tests, find allies in their adventure and meets his adversaries, (Sometimes the same). While doing so, Learn the rules of the new world.

07. Approach: Hero advances on the road to reap their first success (achievement of objectives). It passes the tests are presented, It makes new learning and establishes new beliefs (changes by those constraints).

08. Proves difficult or traumatic: The hero is facing its first crisis in a life or death test (the doubts, you think that you may not be able to).

09. Reward: After his encounter with death, the hero overcomes his fears and get in return a reward (to integrated learning and is now stronger).

10. The way back: Overcome the great test and already with the loot, the hero embarks on the way back he was his ordinary world (It puts into practice what they learned with new more positive results).

11. Resurrection of the hero: The Hero faces again a second test to life or death that must use all resources and learnings that picked up along the way.

12. Return with the elixir: The hero returns home with the reward and uses it to help all in her ordinary world, that it has now become as a result of their own transformation during the trip.

Under the umbrella of the Coaching, the NLP, the Emotional intelligence and experiencing motivation of high impact techniques, We awaken our inner hero.

This experiential learning outside the labour, in which emotions emerge, It contributes to replace existing everyday labour relations with new ones, focused much more on the personal proximity, It would cost much to forge in the daily work routine.

Clarifying ideas and objectives, motivating and joining the team for objectives and common, help to detect the areas for improvement Group, collaborates in the resulocuon conflicts and above all it is a shocking activity of aUTO knowledge and personal development.