Conferences landslide or inspiring as we like to call them to us, they are a wonderful opportunity of opening a door, that then it can become a huge horizon.

We understand them as one conversation between the rapporteur and participants, a space where discuss and share, After the exposure of a relevant topic for attendees who is designed.

This type of oral presentation, taught by specialists will be focused on the presentation of a theme specific. Questions, reviews, thoughts and views are part of the conversation between the speaker and its audience.

The frame can be their own company, a Hotel, a Library and even a shores of a beach at sunset, as on the picture, your choose…¡

After these conferences or inspirational talks, It is a complete teaching and, having aroused the interest in expanding knowledge about the topic.


Motivation and self-improvement. Activate your power and reach your goals

“Everything you need , This inside you”

Throughout the 20th century the way of seeing people in companies and organizations has taken a significant turn, not there is already talk of labor, but human resources and I dare to go one step further and say, What is the greatest asset available to any company.

This being the big premise, the motivation is a key factor for the business success, Since it depends largely on the achievement of the goals of the company. It is the human factor which inhabits the talent, creativity, knowledge and everything with what are business projects.

Having motivated employees and forward of overcoming is the largest warranty retain talent on our computers.

Motivate to others is sometimes much easier to self motivate us to ourselves. Use the difficulties as impulse, a success-oriented attitude, recognize the sources of inspiration and learning to lead our personal power, transforming the present and today's reality are some key to achieve this.


Companies with heart. How impacts you the emotional value in organizations?

“There is no man more powerful than him who is able to control if same”

The business environment is not an emotional impact-free area, but therefore one factor to keep in mind where good management of them will determine the difference in the results. According to some studies more than one 25 % These results are directly related to how the company lives their emotionality.

The companies are living organisms, that they have face and heart, and in this way they are perceived by employees, customers and partners. The way of managing the different emotions, as the frustration of not reaching the objectives, the fear of loss of employment, the pride for potential collaborators, sadness at the loss of identity as opposed to mergers, etc.. There is no doubt that it directly affects the productivity and efficiency, without that often consciously repair it.

Be ecological with emotionality both individual as a collective level of departments, undoubtedly improves the performance and the working environment.


Coaching. A standard in the business world

“The success leaves traces, siguelas…”

Not everything was going to be bad news on the economic and business sector. Coaching produces a 529% return on investment and significant intangible benefits for business according to the study by Metrix Global Survey.

Starting from the premise “The only thing constant is change”, How be sure of the changes we need to make to our company, with our team, in ourselves?. While it is true that in the business world it decision making is constant, What does us this modern methodology in the success thereof?. Build a new corporate culture is urgent if we want to keep playing in the League of first division.

The Coaching is undoubtedly a tool of Power tested in any organization's success.


NLP as a sales tool

“In the new game of business, the winners are not the best but those who dominate the game" (Roberto Serra)

Well it is true that in the world where we live, It would have to be very naive to believe that a good idea or a good product are sold alone. Such a passive attitude usually leads directly to ruin. But some sales efforts that lack impact and strength nor will serve as a great thing. The message that we use to differentiate our product has to be persuasive and inviting, and it must be designed specially for the customer. Just so the message will be heard above all the noise and the confusion.

When it comes to selling, the NLP (Neuro programming Linguistics) offers many tools. Its base is the Neuro linguistic. I.e., the effect on our brains the words. As the neurochemistry reacts to certain external stimuli or Interior organized in the form of linguistic structures. That is to say as we convince ourselves, We make decisions and we are influenced by others.

This tool ES essential today for any professional in any sector or field that you want to get more customers and increase your sales.


Educational coaching. A safe bet!

“A teacher works to eternity: No one can say just where your influence" (Henry Brooks Adams)

It is a reality that our society to evolved at a rate where the current educational system fails to achieve it. We follow a model of education that is based on the not in the evolution and evaluation, not allowing the student to develop at its greatest exponent. Education is much more than transfer knowledge, It is of "learning to learn", feed the own resources and open windows where to explore from the inside out.

This society, given the major changes that it is suffering, you are modifying their demands with regard to the role that teachers must develop. It is necessary not only to transmit knowledge if not which train students for life, that they can learn and enhance skills that will facilitate its development, gaining commitments, responsibility and become people with a high degree of emotional intelligence, capable of motivating .

On the other hand, must not forget that the students operate within a system in which the parents have a vital role in education. Communication with families has also become more complex, at the same time that their collaboration and involvement in the education of their children is more required than ever.

We must therefore necessarily bet on an educational teaching equipment, that in addition to having adequate training to pass knowledge, purchase new skills It can also accompany students.

The way in which we communicate to people (whether children, adolescents or adults) It is almost more important than what we say.

If education is the seed of the future, What do we sow?. Instructional Coaching is the answer.


Impact to your audience. Winning hearts, conquering minds and seducing people

“There is no path that leads a person to race faster and to create a good reputation to the skill of the good speaker.” (Philip D. Armour)

And if public speaking is easy, enjoyable and successful?

The word is the most universal tool, powerful, fast and free from which all human beings have to get our objectives, However we do not always know to get the most out. Have a great idea, possess extensive knowledge…. not serve anything if we don't pass it on, mobilize our audiences, bridging the emotional and mental connection that allows their conquest.

Public speaking is all a challenge for many people. Learn how to do it Overcoming fear and anxiety that causes this situation is something that can be achieved easily with proper techniques.

Capture the attention and interest of our audience is all a challenge, but get that they remind us, planting the proper seed and awakening the desire of our purpose is without a doubt the key to success.