What is Coaching?

“The problems you have today cannot be solved thinking in the same way that you thought when you created them” (Einstein)

Let's start to be seen as described in some of the references of the sector:

“The Coaching is to unleash the potential of a person to maximize your performance. It consists of help you learnto instead of teach” (John Whitmore)

“Coaching is the art of creating an environment through conversation and a way of being, that eases the process by which a person moves successfully to achieve identified goals” (Tim Galwey)

“Coaching covers the existing void between what you are now and what you want to be. It is a professional relationship with another person who will accept only the best of you and you advise, It will guide and encourage that you go beyond the limitations that you impose on yourself and make your full potential” (Talane Medianer)

“Coaching is accompanying a person based on their professional needs for the development of their potential and their know-how” (The French Coaching society)

“Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, Racing, businesses or organizations. Through this process of Coaching clients delve into their learning, improve their performance and enhance their quality of life” (ICF-International Coach Federation)

In short it is a philosophy of life. A methodology that enhances all your resources to get the best version of yourself in order to achieve extraordinary results. Without goal there is no Coaching. We start from the basis that everything you need is within you. We say that it's a triangle that is the Coach (The professional who will accompany during the whole process the person in their own decision-making), the Coachee (The customer who wishes to achieve a goal through the discovery of its fullness and emotional training, always from the commitment and responsibility) and the Objective as a final goal. East will always be specific, measurable, real and attainable.

This discipline helps people in any area of your life whether it's personal or professional, providing a greater focus of the situation ,expanding awareness and generating more options . Reflection before action. We start of the present and the current situation towards the future and the desired situation.

Must keep in mind that Coaching is a process that develops over a period of time, in which the Coach and the client or the team, maintaining conversations within the framework of the confidentiality. During these talks previously scheduled, the Coach uses a methodology based on “powerful questions”, It will help the coachee to explore their beliefs popias, values, strengths and limitations. So awakening consciousness.

As a result of these sessions (between 30′ – 60′), the Coachee undertakes to take action and establish a series of goals, you promote you in your process of changing and learning, mobilizing toward their goals.

It must be clarified that Coaching is not a targeted therapy to resolve problems of people with difficulties, neither nor a consulting or advice. This is a completely organic process, given that councils are not given, not be opinia, Neither is judged the customer.


Origins Coaching??

It has its origin in the United States for more than 30 years, aimed at increasing the individual performance of the professionals in the world of sport. Today this powerful methodology has been extrapolated to a wide variety of sectors given their high effectiveness. The business world has discovered the wonders of its benefits and it is resorting increasingly to a greater extent to his teachings on Certified Coachees, that you support them in their processes of evolution and achievement of goals, improving the performance and skills in professionals and teams.

If you look at the word “Coach”, We see that it has a double meaning, coach and carriage (vehicle to transport people from one place to another). From there it is that it was decided that one person who guide and accompany your route between two points...

to. where are you

b. where you want to become

Going back to the origins of the coaching, by its nature dialectic, It is inevitably associated to philosophy. In fact some have dared to nominate Socrates as one of the most recognized coachees in history.

Possibly because that capacity to "stand" ideas, that is attributed to the well-known Greek philosopher, call maieutics, It is a requirement for whom exerts this practice called coaching. That dialogue that it invites reflection, to think, without explicit by its obviousness, was specialty, the mastery of the mentor of Plato. You question things is what makes us come out of a world of darkness.

And this has much sense given that, What kind of answers do you get to make you intelligent questions?.

How can you help the Coaching companies?

“Everything you get and all that you do not get is the result of your thoughts”

Coaching as a tool for change management, It has become something on the rise. Employers no longer expect solutions, they want to get them for them same. We can encrypt the action of coaching success in more than one 90%, so it is more than a profitable investment.

There are many reasons why a company may benefit from Coaching:

  • Improve the managerial skills and his team.
  • Establish a climate of comfort and enhance personal relationships.
  • To clarify and define the estrateguias for new challenges.
  • Discover the potential and talents of its staff to put them at the service of the company.
  • Achieve the objectives set forth by the company.
  • Align the collaborators with the philosophy and direction of the company and its goals.
  • Promote staff awareness.
  • Change the figure of the leaders by the leader-coach, It will help partners to assume responsibilities and increase initiative.
  • Discover the areas of improvement and action plans estalbecer.
  • Really know the emotionality of his company and how this impacts on the results.
  • Become an autorealizado and motivated team staff.
  • Unite teams.

Interview about Coaching with Pilar López