Because you have two, three, four, five... times with the same stone?

¿Because man is the only animal that stumbles two, three, four, five... times with the same stone?

How many times do the same kind of relationships, We have the same arguments, We ran into the same type of head...?, ultimately it seems that we follow a repeating pattern of actions.

Does it not serve us experience? or is it that we have no ability to learn?. There appears to be a scientific explanation for this and the good news, as always... everything you need to change what is within you!

The source of all lies in our Limbic Brain, that is where plays the role traditionally attributed to the heart. It governs the emotions, the affection and communication with others. It is also the headquarters of the unconscious and develops the functions of memory, and as a result the learning.

For those who wonder if it is that we have perhaps several brains, the answer is if. The human being has three brains: the reptilian responsible for our survival, the Cortex where reside the knowledge and the limbic.

It seems our brains can be programmed not only by repeated experiences ( Thus we learn), but also by extreme circumstances. For example, a single dose of cocaine can ready the system to react with a great taste when occurs it on another occasion. Changes in the brain and the associative learning may also result from a traumatic experience. Imaging technology makes it possible to observe the brain in action, revealing how the trauma they change ,the structure and function of the.

But there is still more in the emotional response that only this scheme. Candace Pert neurologist argues that every emotion we feel our body circulates in the form of chemical elements called "neuropeptides", amino acids of short-chain or proteins that speak to every cell of our body. Research suggests that these molecules of emotion have a significant role of guide in what we experience as perception and conscious choice.

Our emotions decide what is worth paying attention. Recipients (our network of biochemical information body) ,median in the decision regarding what becomes a thought, What comes to consciousness and which remains in the body as buried deeper thought pattern.

The cells have receptors around its exterior wall, where chemicals are discharged.

A substance produced by the brain are neuropeptides called endorphins, and these are considered as molecules of emotion.

What we feel, every emotion, It produces a chemical or a chemical compound specific that it corresponds to the emotion. These chemicals or neuropeptides, they are a chain of amino acids formed by proteins that are produced in the hypothalamus.

The hypothalamus is like a small factory which produce certain chemicals that correspond to certain emotions that we experience. This means that each emotion is associated with a chemical the body absorption of the substance by the cells is causing you to experience the thrill.

The fact is that when the receptor sites are suffering constant bombardment of peptides, they lose sensitivity and requires more peptides to encourage them. In fact, receivers designed to receive neuropeptides, they begin to claim them. In this sense, our bodies are addicted to emotional States. When we passed repeated experiences that generate the same emotional response, our bodies develop an appetite for this type of experiences. As addicts, We attract experiences that bring us the long-awaited emotional dose.

Which means that It is not that we stumble again and again with the same stone, but that we seek this stone again, to satiate our emotional addiction through already experiences.

Obviously and to break this pattern there to generate different emotional States and strengthen them to the emotional appetite is redirect and focus towards the achievement of our goals.

This is one of the skills that we develop emotional intelligence in order to learn how to tune the tool that drives us from Coaching Inspiracional.

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