Fishermen of dreams

A few days ago arrived in my hands in a very unconventional way a book that seemed to come as all personal growth books, at the time most appropriate to. I can only say that “Fishermen of dreams”, I caught between their networks since the first lines, and that inside it houses the wisdom of who has lived long and intensively in a short time. My great friend and writer Victor Muñoz Calero, probably made me without trying the best gift for this Christmas. A million thanks Victor!

With that magical touch that literature gives the real stories, the reader will be trapped in a journey to the interior of china, where two friends, beaten in the past, restless in the morning and full of questions, they go in search of a renowned fortune teller. The elder Sage are pleasantly surprised with something more valuable than a prediction about the future. It shows them how to build it. Les teaches how to use dreams to go beyond fears, obstacles and limits- Les discovers the secret of an attitude that them can return to connect with the life.

Fishermen's dreams conveys a huge philosophy that pushes us with strength to walk the path of life as if today was the first day that undertake it, as the only possible starting point is, without a doubt, our present.

Pilar López

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