Words horse. Life force for the day to day of Juan Miguel Fernandez

This book is notable for its original approach, their direct and colloquial language and, above all, the depth of their teachings. Based on the foundations of ontological coaching and using the metaphor of a seasoned auriga (signifying the reader himself) and his twenty-six horses (its potential), Dr.. Fernández-Balboa spunan an effective pedagogical method for self-knew; knowledge and personal growth that culminates in powerful proposals -agreed, simple and practical. To do so, ingeniously, uses examples of his own extensive professional practice (as a university professor and certified coach), stories with a philosophical character and scientific information drawn from various fields. Each chapter, in short, is contributing small nuggets of gold that, as a whole, they set up a valuable treasure. Anyone who reads this book will feel enriched, inspired and accompanied on his way to his dreams and his happiness. Dr. Business.

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