It is not the same

IS NOT THE SAME It is a book on executive coaching, oriented to the world of business management but that, for its clarity and simplicity, It is affordable and interesting for other non-business readers who are interested in the development of others or their own personal development. From our point of view, everyone can benefit from new conversational skills.

Its aim is to invite the reader to explore, to look from another perspective. «So much the coach as the coachee rather than to think and analyze are dedicated to observe with a spirit of curiosity and fascination. Both have to be open to the possibility that what works is both surprising and unexpected. For all these reasons, in coaching, the questions and the distinctions are essential to provide new ways of looking at»

During the reading of the work, the reader will find 32 distinctions, each of them focused on a word on which we reflect. We have included an illustration for each distinction to, humorous, accompanies the text. It also collects aphorisms that, synthetically, They show the thinking of many authors who, throughout history, also stopped to reflect on the concepts here collected.

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