Neuro Marketing. The key to success

Do you think you know something about your customers?. I invite you to that you start to think that not.

Many of the companies concerned to understand what happens in the mind of your customers, they found the emerging Neuro Marketing, and they have discovered a completely developer world, that gives us many of the replies which were an enigma so far. What they understood as conventional Marketing to emigrated to Neuro Marketing, breaking old paradigms.

We live in the age of the brain since in the 90, Science evidencio the whys of our mind in decision-making at the time of purchase and the loyalty of one or another product.

If the Marketing industry is that more is wrong in the world with its forecasts.

Yes from each 10 new product launches only 2 work

If only the 50% they are successful promotions carried out

If only 4 television ads meet the expectations of each 10

What were we missing so far that Neuro Marketing we see?

Creative, sociologists, psychologists, scientists and experts in advertising have joined giving way to one of the great finds of recent times which directly impacts on the marketing sector.

How long do you cohabitas with your brain? And what to know about him?….. I imagined… This small body of just a 2% the total weight of your body and that consumes more than the 20% the total power of the same, is a great unknown for you.

Dopamine, oxytocin, hendorfinas, serotonin… they are some of the chemicals which flowed in our brain, they are involved in behavior and therefore in purchasing decisions we have daily. These Neuro transmitters are the biochemical key that opens the doors of desire or the rejection of many of the products to which we are exposed on a permanent basis. Knowing how they work is an essential tool which we should not overlook.

It is estimated that the 85% our decisions take them in a subconscious manner and that only a 15 % they are really conscious decisions. This is the reason why Neuro Marketing our subconscious interested.

Your brain begins its process of response 10 seconds before you make a decision, and 3 seconds before that you consciously take it already has decided for you . Did you think you very fast truth? … because your subconscious is much faster than your!

Neuro Marketing is the application of techniques from Neuroscience, studying the effects, advertising and communication in general produced in the human brain, in order to perceive and anticipate consumer behavior, that is what you think, It feels and experiences when it comes in contact with a brand, a TV advertisement, or a type of message, that is what is known as technical biosensorial.

According to this the key is discipline in stimulating the senses of the consumer through experiences positive. The set of a large number of these positive experiences, creates loyalty in consumer.

Consumers of the 21st century are consumers “emotional”, since they are linked emotionally to the brands. The emotional and Experiential Marketing aims to seduce the consumer. Already we are not looking for customers, but “fans”.

Emotions are the horses that will lead us to achieve that emotional link with our “fans”, It will later be the protagonists during the decision making. This effect occurs when we combine emotion experience.

The big question is; Would that kind of experience I am offering my clients?

Do not get on board the ship of Neuro Marketing, It is to live in a world without light, having eyes only serving to see darkness.

From Coaching Inspiracional we invite you to share this discovery, under the training experience ” Neuro Marketing. The secret of success”. You hope!!

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