Motivates your genius!


Have ever told you you're great? How you feel?, possibly as a genius!! . And it is that this is how all come... being geniuses, being gods, able to the major feats that you can imagine.

We will however covering us layers that prevent us from seeing the extraordinary that there is in us, recording us mental tattoos that remind us of our imposed limitations, becoming millionaires of prejudice, Racing fears.. and then invent the motivation that save us from the same fire that we feed non-stop. What is the point? What is the positive purpose of this mental strategy?.

For some strange reason it seem that we need to fall to realize that we are able to get up. Even though our brains are not designed to be happy but to survive. How does fit the motivation in all this?.

According to my theory, the motivation is the warrior who turns against that imposed survival ,to take over and recover by Justice that hero, that genius.... that I carry inside leaving survive to live.

Sometimes that Warrior remains asleep or injured for a long time, waiting for someone or something you wake up.

What to move you to make that happen? Which key is the one to touch ?

What do you think do to awaken your genius?

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