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If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur or perhaps live already so, It is very possible that next to this idea was born the idea of achieving success, as if two Siamese twins they were.

It seems that success and get great benefits is the main reason why most undertakes a business. However, This should not be the end, but the result.

The first question that you must make is: For what I want to start my business? What moves me to do this ?, in my case ,I believe in the great potential of people, I am fully convinced that all and every one of us have the ability to achieve anything that we propose and to get that, inspired people in their processes of change, What is now known as Coach, Personal development Advisor, Future engineer ……. In short, what I do is to help you achieve your goals.

What is your purpose ? .I have realized that the great entrepreneurs of modern history have something in common, and that point of connection is not just having a clear purpose to do something by and others as a premise.

As example I'd like to talk about the creator of Grammen Bank.


In the Decade of 1970, Muhammad Yunus He was teaching economic theory to the students in a college classroom in Bangladesh. But outside of the campus of the University of Chittagong, what he saw was crushing the hunger and poverty. His desire to do something to help local citizens, It led to a simple but powerful gesture: Yunus lent 27 dollars to indigent baskets weavers in a village next to the University campus.

Could not believe that the excitement caused by the small amount of money. For people who live on pennies a day, just a few dollars can transform their lives - and in many cases did. The gift was used to support and expand this type of very small enterprises, and he helped many out of poverty. To the surprise of Yunus, basket weavers in fact paid loans. He then moved from a village to another in search of all types of entrepreneurial project finance.

It was not until 1983 Yunus founded the Grameen Bank, the institution that helped develop and disseminate the concept of microcredit. When Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, the Grameen Bank It had loans outstanding to almost 7 millions of poor people in 73.000 villages of Bangladesh. Most important yet, Yunus, of 71 years, He helped to create a global movement towards microcredit. The Grameen model moved more of 100 countries around the world and has helped millions of people.

It can be that the Bank has not eradicated poverty, but rose lives. No less important, the idea of Yunus inspired countless young people to engage in social entrepreneurship worldwide.

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