Subliminal messages. Science or fiction? ( Gift audio! )

While it is true that this is a subject of maximum controversy, that there is no quorum among scientists despite the many experiments that support its effectiveness on the one hand, and they belie his effectiveness on the other.

And of course they are people who point out this practice as one of order immoral and dangerous for attacking freedom of society, by direct manipulation. In fact there are bans on their use in more of 50 countries.

I'm going to try to put on the table some threads, that each one can pull as you connect with them.

Subliminal messages are messages to the subconscious and are stored in the, without that are perceived by the traditional senses (sense of smell, view, ear). It is said that they are hidden, precisely because we are not aware of them. I.e., traditionally been believed that these messages "covered", they impact our brain while we can do nothing to prevent it. Understood in this way that these "hidden" messages, they are not processed by our conscious and therefore do not find any perceptual obstacle.

This information, You can reach our brain through "under" our normal limits of perception, called also "threshold of perception".

A stimulus below the threshold is that does not contain sufficient information to be able to carry out successfully a perceptual task. On the other hand, above the threshold stimulus contains enough information. There has to be, of course, a certain amount of information that separate the information below the threshold which is above this. This transition point referred to as threshold. In general, a threshold is defined as the minimum amount of information necessary to perform a task.

An example of this would be the fact that consciously do not have the ability to record an image in a very fast manner, but unconsciously if it is perceived by our brain.

This would be explained if we consider that our retina captures an image that comes to our brains at a speed of 0.1 s, so any image that projects to a speed of less than a tenth of a second, will non-conscious boost (It is as if the eye didn't see anything), However our unconscious brain becomes capture speeds of 1/3000 images per second.

Already in the years 30 subliminal techniques acquired some social relevance. With knowledge of the investigations of the nazis in this field and its use in large public events and films and after enormous pessimism after the war, different authors began to criticize the political messages such use.

Later, in the years 50, the Alliance between psychologists and publicitas noted.

James Vicary, an American advertise, I declare having increased sales of coca-cola and popcorn in more than one 18 % and 57% respectively, using subliminal messages in advertising screens film at a rate of 3000 thousandths of a second.

However, Professor Kimihiro Nakamura and other scientific experts in neurology, They argue after the results of an experiment, There is a conscious component in the subliminal information processing.

It is a reality, It is that such messages are currently used in the world of advertising, be they movies, music, ads, etc.. An example quite graphic would be some of the logos that use some companies as:

The letters "i" and "l" in suggestive way represent a family (father, mother and son):


In the case of Amazon, In addition to the arrow that represents the number of products available ( from A to Z ), We can see the smile which is drawn under it.


These designs arouse curiosity and attract attention by the effect that produces in people

The controversy is served, If do not work, why dollar figures in them are reversed?, Do they actually determine role models?

According to studies on these messages, It is estimated that they have effect of persuasion, but its effects are short term. However, the effect seems to be more far-reaching when subliminal messages taught to do or not to do something.

During the 1960s, s many musical groups used this principle in their songs, in order to stimulate his fans and increase sales. The Beatles they are a clear example of this.

Today this subliminal technology, It is widespread as a tool of self-help and personal growth, focused to people to achieve goals that could not consciously do it. Even some medical professionals use it as therapy.

Stanford University has shown that music is one of the greatest effect exerted in the minds of the people, Since the auditory nerves are those that predominate in the human body.

As always, I think that the question is it all, It is a symbol of intelligence and there is no better way to create an accurate opinion that the practice of the same. That is why you gift this audio in which there is implicitly a series of phrases with motivational messages and enhancers, that in my case I have helped a lot.

Recommended listening for a minimum of 4 weeks every day. Being a support and a booster for the new behavior that you want to set.

Is not recommended to use the audios subliminales if you suffer from epilepsy, It contains sound waves that induce the brain to relax. That require attention and/or may be hazardous nor while activities.

This audio has been granted by courtesy of my friend and colleague Miguel Cuartero, expert in the preparation of this type of material

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