Christmas message 2014

My dear fishermen of dreams,

To all who have shared with me this piece of road, executives, Heads of human resources, commercial directors, workers, collaborators, friends. I remember and keep the light of your dreams, each and every one of you without exception, because they have been my soul food during my trip.

Thank you for feeding me with your trust, by believing in the potential of who has the power to decide their future in our hands, for teaching me the greatness of the human being, by your spirit of overcoming, by stake everything on the best investment (yourselves), Let me share your moments of glory and learn with your meaty, to believe in Coaching and in my, for giving me the opportunity to come into your lives and plant some seeds, a million thanks for this amazing year, where your projects and objectives have also been mine.

Only a stop along the way to recognize us and remember that:

“Life is full of opportunities, as the sea is full of fish. You only have to be attentive to the signs to know where and extend your networks, but do not forget the real fisherman's dreams to enjoy every step of the way regardless of the outcome” ( inspired by the wonderful book “Fishermen of dreams” my friend Victor Muñoz Calero).

Merry Christmas

Pilar López

Inspirational coaching

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