The changes are not intended, they are made (Firewalking)

The Upw ( walking on fire), It is not a novelty of our days, It is an ancient practice, considered an extraordinary example of connection between our mind and our body. This ritual data around the 1200 AC, being practicado for centuries by shamans and priests, as religious and healing rituals.

There are also indications in the dating Bible where already spoke of the transforming phenomenon of people. ” When you walk on fire you must not burn you” (Isaiah 43:2) or can one walk on hot coals and not feel his feet burned? (Proverbs 6:28).

Between songs, dances, drums or in communion with the silence, millions of people have experienced power developer has marked a before and an after in their lives. This technique of motivation of high impact has overlooking the modern world from us, extending all over the world. Walks on fire are now a tool for building equipment, transcending boundaries, breaking limiting beliefs and rid ourselves of these mental tattoos that do not allow us to exploit our full potential.

It has taken the business world as a change and strengthening experience for human teams, It helps them to exceed their own limits. Some multinational companies like Coca Cola, American Express, Microsoft, Met-Life, etc… have you been able to put at the service of its companies the multiple benefits of this practice.

Walking on hot coals is a powerful tool, designed to help eliminate the fear and to motivate people to do things that initially considered impossible. It is without doubt a valuable lesson about the power of the mind, and the effect of our thoughts and beliefs in our experience of reality. It is a way to confirm our institntos and trust in our intuition. Walking on hot coals provides us with a powerful visual image that accompany our change of negative energy.

As a technique for individual growth, teaches us to live with fear and anxiety, being able to manage our States without losing our Center. All this is achieved through the awareness and acceptance of our emotions, increasing our potential.

I remember a meeting with management team, in which arose the figures of sales scheduled for the following year. Some of the business believed be sure not to reach these figures.

Commercial director les suggested: Would you could walk on fire without burning you? .Of course not, answered.

Not bad, then if puedierais do something impossible like that, you could also reach planned figures sell truth?. Six months later these figures had grown almost a 12 %.

If you can alter a universal law, and make fire harmless, What more things you could do that now they seem you impossible?-

Once again shows us that the control panel of our success is in our mind, If we can set it properly, We get extraordinary results.

“The perception that we have of ourselves determines our behavior, If we think that we are small…. We act that way. If we think that we are beautiful… We tend to act that way” ( Marianne Williamson).

Coaching Inspiracional and his team of specialized instructors live this experience as a springboard where our employees drive their teams towards the achievement and excellence.

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