Negative influences weigh much. Move is to live!

It is a latent reality caused by the environment in which we live a great impact on you, whether or not they are aware of this. We are permanently exposed to negative images, impressions, News, comments about how difficult that life or the future so uncertain that awaits us. A constant bombardment of negative influences, It is the stage where we must represent our work on a daily basis all.

Everything influences. Do all?. Yes, absolutely everything. No one escapes this virus flowing relentless. While the majority of the decisions we make are of personal, We are subject to external virus that has the power to condition us to a greater or lesser extent.

If we talk about influential people, We have clear that they are not always the most famous, with more power or more rich who enjoy this status.

In the majority of cases, is our partner, any of our friends or even a close relative, those who exert this influence.

But in addition to our nearest surroundings, one where we stay longer, the workplace, family, leisure, etc.. We must keep their eyes open well also to our leading representatives of the policy, Science, religion and any other environment, which although far away from our most vital existence, You can indirectly exercise a decisive influence on our mind and therefore on our decisions and our future.

This being the case, It is vital to keep us alert and be aware of everything influences us, a small gesture, a word or subliminal message, It can impinge on us, causing a particular effect, related to our self esteem, motivation, our beliefs,... to weaken us or diverting us from our goal.

Have you ever wondered: What kind of influence am I?. I'm more influential or susceptible? The influence lives in you and you affect you, and hangs directly from your ego, It is equipped with a high component of selfishness. It does not act for free, but rather in order to obtain a revenue in the short or long term.

Awareness is key, observation and reflection, acquiring the habit of you question the credibility of everything that comes to you, thus not only affects what you think and say, but much more as you act and therefore what you are.

It's funny to realize the impact of memory in our brain, makes long after breaking ties with some people of the past, continue taking decisions based on influences of yesteryear, that have been installed in our mind of solid form, shaping our personality and to be co-creators of our decisions at the present time. This type of influences can last for years and even of a lifetime.

It catches my attention powerfully, as in the business world in which I move, the action of the sale has been replaced by the influence. Really, What is the sale but a way of influencing others?. But this infallible tool must be operated above all, with the professional and personal ethics that deserves. And by this I mean, its purpose must be linked to motivation, Add in the improvement of any project or serve as key master to generate new alternatives and positive ideas to those who are under our influence.

Any leader seeks to influence, It is not about convincing, persuade, but insert the seed of the influence on the minds and the hearts of those who are aimed his message, as an intellectual sale with the maximum added value. I have a maxim that governs my existence and is: allow anyone to pass through my life better than when I found it. This speaks to me of a positive influence. Ethics is always profitable.

Identifies the negative influences that you have to your around and stay away from them as possible. Sure you are thinking reading this suggestion in that typical friend we all have , and that whenever you talk to him, It tells you how bad that will all, the bad luck that has, the unfortunate thing that is... How do you feel after?. We categorize these as toxic influences or emotional ballasts.

It is not always easy to get away from these people since sometimes they are our own parents or our partner, It has this negative tendency. In these cases, you always have the possibility to reduce calls or visits and especially do not talk about your projects or immediate objectives. Do not share your dreams with people who can steal you them.

Get "fans" and surround yourself with them. Those people that like all what you do and support any of your initiatives. They will always be a propulsion engine and will vibrate in unison of your dreams.

Emotional cutoff has always been the shortest route to influencing others. So you dissociate yourself when making decisions, analyzing the message and separating the wheat from the chaff, avoiding the manipulation of others.

Remember that negative influences are one of the major causes of demotivation and that only you are responsible for leaving them out.

"The negative influences always flourish in those gardens not the sunshine of responsibility" (Pilar López)

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