The word "Not", It is the best door between the "Yes"


It is amazing to think how many times we utter the word not in a single day of our lives, in the same way that this monosyllabic is heard by us again and again.

"I don't get me wrong", "To lead your team not you must impose your", "What you've said is not to make you explain it to others"...

However, and while we do countless times stress is something not made, Not to mention, Do not think.... We do not explain because just going on the opposite truth?.

I want to share with you some discoveries than through NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming), would explain this strange phenomenon.

The truth is that we should never say NO, given that our brain processes evil denial. Recent research has shown that a negative sentence is a 48% more difficult to understand.

For our brain, say no to something, means saying yes to something else.

That mean that we have to say yes to everything??. Naturally not.

What you need to know is that you to say “NOT “to something, There is because we use a negative phrase, but that we can express the same concept with a positive sentence.

In effect, our brain tends to ignore the word “NOT” and the subconscious is responsible for that to happen because it does not recognize the logical language and therefore not processed certain things, We can even get precisely the opposite of what we want to.

The specific reason to make this happen is that the brain thinks in pictures and when you say 'NO' the only thing that is reflected in the mind is what you wanted to deny.

This has much to do with the so recurrent theme about the importance of positive language. If you focus on what you want, instead of what you don't want, that's going to be what you manifest your brain.

If what we want is that our team think about the possibilities of growth and achievement of objectives. Not to mention: "Do not think that we can not do it", but "I'd like to think in creative ideas to get our challenge". In this way you induces to the subconscious to generate an image of those creative ideas, thing using the first option, the brain ignores the word 'No' and goes directly to think that you can not do this.

In short, It is call what you want to happen, and not open the door to what you don't want, Since when we say "Don't you scream", It is as if we were giving an order direct to the brain so that you run it, reinforcing the action that we want to avoid.

I invite you to do this exercise:

Think of a beautiful beach, in a paradisiacal place at dawn, imagine the fine white sand, clear and warm water, the sunshine....

Focus on it a few seconds and now do not see a boat approaching the shore.

Close your eyes and repeat the exercise again, trying to not see the boat.

Surely it will have been you impossible not to see that boat to which you've invited not to see truth?

Once again.... The power of the word, the most powerful tools, Universal, free and effective which all have and just do a 3 % the effective use we could give.

NLP, It is a methodology at our disposal which help us to strengthen that 3 % to take advantage of our brain.

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