The hormone of confidence in enterprises

The hormone of confidence in enterprises

Would you like to generate your own trusted source?, What you would say to a dose of empathy quickly, free and effective daily?, Would you be useful to know the key to generate lasting ties with your team?

It says the proverb «the friction makes love» and now science has given him reason to this compendium of wisdom.

Oxytocin is a hormone secreted during childbirth, She is in charge of maternal love and relationships to be durable. It is generated in our brains and in our blood. When occurs, It has an average life of three minutes and degrades rapidly at room temperature.

Activated positively makes us enter in confidence, generating inspiration and generosity among those who surround us, rapidly increasing empathy. When we release this hormone in large quantities with a team encouraged us to the maximum.

This simple molecule that is found only in mammals. In rodents, It was known for making mothers to look after their children; Some animals have shown that he allows tolerance, but in humans and other mammals, It was only known to facilitate childbirth and lactation in women.

Learn how to activate oxytocin in every circumstance of life gives us a decisive advantage in the process to realize goals and objectives. Go in search of our goals requires us much strength and patience as, in general, We are facing different challenges and adversities. That is why that the effective use of oxytocin in our favor we will encourage in every situation that we have to overcome.

It is also known by other names that refer to its function, as 'hug hormone', "attachment hormone" or «glue of love».

It is curious to know that is also released by both sexes during sexual intercourse.

How can I turn it?. The good news is that we know how to be able to generate this hormone consciously. The shortcut to reach its source is through physical contact. Whenever we embraced, we kiss, We give a pat on the back... According to scientists should give and receive a minimum of 10 sincere hugs per day to keep our levels of oxytocin in the form. What is your average?.

Activate this hormone allows us to face one of the most common interpersonal viruses at this time, the"STEALTH SETTINGS". I.e., do feel to each other as if does not exist. This situation is more common than we imagine in enterprises, that you have forgotten that it is made up of humans and not for robots.

The celebration in the teams is of colossal importance when they aspire to achieve maximum performance. Firstly because the partners recognize the success of who got the accomplished and secondly is that the latter does not recognize it as individual, but as something collective.

In men the vasopressin performs this function, Another hormone, It is known also as a diuretic, because it is responsible for the regulation of fluids in the kidney. The affective power of oxytocin and vasopressin has been studied in great detail in Prairie Voles, that includes couples United for life. Both males and females of this species, oxytocin causes relaxation, bonding and sense of happiness. This cerebral bonding system needs to be stimulated on a daily basis by the proximity and contact.

Men need to be touched twice or three times more often than women, to maintain the same level of the neuro-hormone, as demonstrated by a study from the Swedish researcher Uvnäs-Moberg in 2004.

Around this "attachment hormone" publications have multiplied in recent years, originating from unsuspected functions.

In May of 2009, a laboratory trial compared the efficacy of oxytocin intranasally administered several people before engage in a provoked discussion. The hormone seems to increase the capacity of communication and reduces levels of cortisol, stress-related, confirming its relaxing effect. What such a few hugs before entering our endless work meetings?, exposed to the discussions occasionally tense?.

People embrace us with an average duration of 3 seconds. But researchers have found that when a hug is extended to the 20 seconds or more, produces a therapeutic effect for both the body and mind, whose scope produces a direct impact in improving our fears and anxiety.

I'd like to send you a hug from here. Pity that the virtual contact does not produce the same effect!

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