The strength of a team

“Sometimes the strength of a team does not lie in what you earn individually, but in what they are willing to lose together” (Pilar López)

A colleague, Ruth of the Aeneas company, It reminded me today this incredible inspirational story.

A few years ago, in the Olympics for the handicapped of Seattle, also called from “Paralympic Games”, nine participants, all with mental or physical impairment, lined up for the start of the 100-meter flat race. To the signal, all departed, not exactly soaring, but with a desire to give the best of themselves, finish the race and win the prize. All, except for a guy, stumbled and fell, came out rolling and started crying. The other competitors heard the crying, slowed down and looked back. They saw the boy on the floor., They stopped and returned… All!

One of the girls, with Down syndrome, knelt, He kissed the boy and told: “Ready, now going to heal”. And they all intertwined their arms and walked together to the finish line.

All persons present in the stadium rose to their feet, catapultadas by emotion. The long applause that echoed in Seattle in 1992, still listening to today.

Let us reflect on the computer where you want to play and that values are building our!

Thanks Ruth!!

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