The Era of the chameleons

The Era of the chameleons

Are you invisible?, At that time started to disappear?, What way, qualities or skills you have to own to not go unnoticed?.

A few days ago I was talking with a lady who attended one of my seminars on personal leadership , Note that you lucia splendid while it was around the 60 years. I, I recognized its elegance in the combination of her outfit and style that is combed. Note her expression of surprise and staring at me, I responded :

- Pilar, He called me much the attention your comment, Since I am invisible.

After his words, I was the surprised and I could not suppress the obvious question:

- invisible?, From when?

To the extent that my youth began to wilt, My wrinkles appear and remove me from the professional world, people began to leave to see me.

Days later, as I walked through the crowded streets of Sydney, first thing in the morning, and with this floating in my conscious reflection, I put attention on the fact that I ran with hundreds of people and none of them addressed the look. All ran as if a marathon they were wanting to take advantage of the traffic lights green, which poisoned chickens. Even in some gesture of hurrying towards the cafeteria, a small friction, only allowed a ” I am sorry”, without devoting a it tenth of a second to look that person in the eye.

Perhaps we live in the era of the chameleons, where have we developed the ability to melt us with the environment, to the point of losing ourselves in the?, What actually happens is that we have lost our ability to recognize?. It seems that only extraordinary thing distracts us by a few seconds of our lives perfectly organized. The question is how you will be able to surprise you with authenticity all of us?, If we are not able to stop looking to start to see?.

As I see it, the only potion capable of making us visible under the immense challenge of this chameleon-like society, is to empower our own self leadership. Make no mistake, I understand the concept of leader as I, It is not he who directs hundreds of people, or who has the power to influence others, It does not have to appear in the history books as crucial in the evolution of humanity, It's not even that who the company hires as head of a Department and print your name on a business card, Thus accrediting it.

Be your own leader,means mastering the self knowledge, transcend your own limitations and develop the attitude of the conseguidor. Someone is so impossible that goes unnoticed!

Then I went back to the Conference room to share with Rebecca (so it was called the invisible Lady), Some reflections.

- Rebecca to the perfection of your body is responsible for your beauty?, Where it ends your invisibility and begins your self leadership?.

Pilar López

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