Justin and the sword of the value

Set in a magical medieval world is an exciting story that talks about the constancy with which a guy pursuing his own dream: become a Knight. It is an adventure full of excitement, action and fun, mingle friendship, honour and value.

JUSTIN lives in a Kingdom that has banished the Knights and is now governed by bureaucrats. His dream is also to become Knight, but his father, REGINALD, High Court counselor, He intended that his son follow in his footsteps and become a lawyer. Assailed by doubts, Justin visits her great Granny, It will tell you the true story of his grandfather: SIR ROLAND was the most noble Knight of the realm, and he defended with his life until he was murdered by the evil SIR HERACLIUS.

Against his father's wishes, Justin escapes in pursuit of his dream thus initiating the path to become a Knight.

Launches us consistent messages about the importance of fight fight for our dreams and the way to get it!

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