This goes for Heroes….. This is about you!

"The hero is one who has forgotten that there is a way back"

Do you remember how you felt when you were little and salías cinema after seeing a film of your favorite heroes... like? Superman o Spider-Man? . Perhaps today follow living those same feelings through your children, or are one of those lucky ones still continuous feeding that hero inside.

Then, you had the belief that you could get anything you propusieras, in the same way that your children can be placed a towel around the neck, simulating one layer and lift arms, waiting for no doubt, your feet will peel off the ground and begin the most fantastic flights.

What part of? Indiana Jones, Don't let that you flourish in you?, Where has she gone to stop that Robin Hood that you always accompanied?.

Is not the life an adventure and you the protagonist of she?. In the same way that Indiana Jones was traveling to the farthest part of the world with his hat and his whip, being able to find the most legendary objects of humanity, you are holder of great resources that dwell inside you. All willing to make any of your dreams without conquer.

What feeds a hero?. The real heroes breakfast self-confidence, knowing winners before any battle, undertake any mission. They eat passion and constancy, it transformed into the energy that always leads to success. They dine love for one another and live believe that the true meaning of life is to fulfill its mission, with what for what have been.

When you leave believing in you and your possibilities, your hero begins to languish, Thus snatching him every opportunity to achieve their goals and fulfill its purpose. Only you have the power to give life and be the star of your story or otherwise allow others to decide the end of your adventure. That indeed... not often resemble that which you've dreamed of!!

We tend to idealize heroes of fiction, without realizing that we are all heroes in our day to day. You rescatas yourself of the disappointments that the road gives you and survive your own discouragement with the strength of a hero of legend. The own Gladiator, Museum the genuine heroics that you perform, When you still smiling despite the life, Sometimes it gives you reasons for this, to get up stronger than when you fell, When after accumulating negative experiences still believe that you to achieve your dreams, you only have to walk far enough.

Not give ever up. Don't give up. Because inside of you there is the force of a Hero capable of achieving impossible. So many things have you accomplished, that you never thought to get?, in the same way you can taste the sweetness of everything that your heart longs for.

Sculpt your own statue, get rid of everything that does not help you, He doesn't see all of your talent, your creativity, your potential… Team up with your mind and committed to your personal growth, because that is the potion that will awaken this giant who is eager to show you how great you are.

And remember, There is the hero without obstacles. I guarantee you there will be difficult moments, However the feat of overcoming them will have no price, because there is a hero like you!

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