“Walking together is the pirncipio, keeping together is progress, teamwork is the extio”

“If you want to get see just, If you want to go far, rodeate of a great team”

“A good player puts goals, but the teams are those who win matches” of Zig Ziglar

“The strength lies in differences, not in similarities. ” of Stephen Covey

” The intelligence of a hive is always superior to any bee”

” The success of a company is simply the reflection of the attitude, motivation and commitment of the people who compose it”

” Teamwork divides the tasks and doubles successes”

” Your success based on the success of others”

” Rely on what unites us will help us to solve that sometimes separates us” of Eduard type

” None of us is as smart as all of us”

” When are the oxen matched, tillage is better”

Say that my destination is not linked to yours is like saying: "Your side of the boat is sinking". Hugh Downs

“Ask not what the team can do for you. Ask what can do you for him “. of Magic Johnson

“The most beautiful of teamwork is that you always have others on your side.” Margaret Carty

“There are three things I would say to a team to help it hold together: When is something wrong: I did it. When is something more or less well: We did it. When is something really well: you did.” of Paul "Bear" Bryant

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