Intuitive entrepreneurs, a winning race!

Intuitive entrepreneurs, a winning race!

"Intuition is the jewel in the Crown of the intelligence"

We all know that the main task of entrepreneurs and managers making decisions, most of them think that their work requires the participation of the reason. There is another group that, unlike these, disagree, and they are committed to the integration of reason and intuition as a formula for success.

But, What is intuition ,Science or belief?. This is no doubt a controversial, that still today own collective of scientists has not reached a quorum. There are many studies and as a consequence many theories.

Possibly as executives, We have an idea about what is intuition, at some point in our lives we have said something like "I will follow my intuition" , Although, What do we mean by this?, What are we feeling exactly? is it reliable intuition ?.
It seems that living intuition in the business world of "clandestinely", under the umbrella of fear, fear of the unknown, to look unprofessional, related to the esoteric. Nothing is further from reality.

We can say that the intuition is a personal resource from which all have and can develop. It is a powerful tool, that inhabits the human subconscious and to keep in mind for those who must make decisions often tends to appear when we are subjected to severe pressure of time, or in cases of serious danger or information overload, where aware of the situation analysis can be difficult or impossible.
It is also defined as an emotion thanks to which ensures our survival.

According to the Neuro-science and to explain it in a simple way, intuition is fed from the experiences accumulated throughout our lives, our unconscious and long-term memory. I.e. we have knowledge of which we are unaware that appear not to give a logical explanation. It is somehow the way having the brain to quickly make a decision not consciously, based on the experiences of the past and external signals. This process occurs so quickly that we are not aware of that are being conducted.

Intuition is actually the result of a "flurry" of logical thoughts.

It can also be explained as the way in which our brain stores, It processes and retrieves information at the level of the subconscious.

But, as to disparage something as well, When have many of the great scientific and technological discoveries been fruitful thanks to intuitive attacks.
Bill Gates, one of the great giants of success in the business world, says that: "You often have to rely on intuition".

In our day-by-day everyday intuition is what enables us to recognize the feelings of others, aside from the words (also related to emotional intelligence), and read between the lines.

It is extraordinary to think about the difference between information that is capable of processing our conscious part (50 bit x second max), where is our reason ,against the ( more than 10 millions of bits per second ), of our unconscious part, where supposedly houses our intuition. We could say that it is a kind of unconscious intelligence arising consciousness to make them light and effectiveness.

Companies in this effectiveness may manifest itself as a different view in a situation, a bright idea, a feeling of trust or distrust to a new project or partner. Learn to listen to it might be a great ally in business.

This sixth sense or third eye as some cultures call it motivates us, leading us to action, Although it should not be rushed and we always put the reason in the Middle. According to many scientists, it is infallible, Although in my opinion it should be be cautious and align with the logic before taking important decisions.
That connection with our spirituality, It is sometimes an unexpected visitor and in others we can evoke it in our help. There are techniques that train this ability.

This psychological phenomenon invites us to reflect on the great potential that we have and that we are probably not exploiting.

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