Thrill to communicate!!

Have you ever wondered ever ? why we hear and see on the news every day, people who die of hunger, wars,... and remain seated at our table, tasting the food that we can choose, undeterred we?

Does not we matter?, perhaps have we become accustomed to this?, Do disconnect unconsciously so don't affect us ?.

I have actually come to a conclusion, the presenters of the news, they are trained to not communicate!!.

I am aware that this sounded like you strange, aunque así es. What they do, read a story sitting in a Chair, as if it were a robot, devoid of emotion, a non-verbal language empathetic, always with the same tone of voice, It doesn't matter if they have the death of a million people after a natural disaster or the discovery of an architectural gem. And if you by chance have a laugh, a silence…. goes directly to the drawer of the ” outtakes”, Although I would call it the ” the true Thomas drawer”.

How can something us communicating without emotion affect us?, When a is human being mainly emotional, When is the emotion the first thing that knocks on our door .

Look at this video: Farewell to David Cantero after working several years at a television station, and after being signed by another string.

What you felt? Have you excited you ? Have you connected with you?

Observa la grandiosidad de un mimo: capable of telling stories, communicate feelings and emotions, without a single word” , Similarly you can start-up the machine of generating sounds, words and phrases, transmit a single emotion and therefore never reach more than the starting point.

When in a pond, a wild duck perceived the danger after a noise, It begins to flap their wings and make strong sounds at the time that it undertakes flight. The rest of the herd, do not know or feel what is happening, pero contagiados por la emoción del miedo de su compañero emprenden también la huida. There is no message, pero basta con que la emoción te toque para que reacciones inmediatamente. It's as contagious as the virus quicker.

Public speaking is so much more to communicate, is no doubt convey emotion. If I want to cause an action, get allies, open minds… in short CONNECT, because as I see it, that's the key, CONECTAR CON LA FUENTE¡ , We must conquer the hearts of our audience, having clear, that we are the emotions that we communicate.

Do you can imagine a presenter that her tears sliding down her cheeks as she explains the bombing of the? 11 M? or would perhaps laughter of the man of the time joking about the??, they would surely tell me what little serious, But what would be really very authentic and natural way to connect with all and each one of us!!. I particularly, You can until you occasionally see the news!!!

Stop talking and start connecting!

We're going to teach this and many other things in the next workshop" TAKE THE WORD" el próximo 21 September.

“The shortest distance between two people always is a smile “

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