The value of the ring

A young villager, I travel from afar to ask the wise master advice…..

I am master, because I'm so little I have no strength to do anything. Say me I do not do well, I'm clumsy, Nobody loves me. How can I improve?, What can I do so that they appreciate me more?

The teacher told: -How much sorry boy, I can not help you, I must first solve my own problem. Maybe later… -Pausing, he added: -If you want to help me you me, I could solve this issue more quickly and perhaps then help.

E… happy teacher - the young man hesitated, but felt that again was disregarded and neglected needs.
Well - nodded the master. Removed a ring on the small finger of his left hand was wearing and gave it to the boy, added: -Take the horse that is out there and ride to the market. I sold this ring because I have to pay a debt.

It is necessary that the largest possible amount you get by it, but do not accept less than a gold coin. Go and return as quickly as you can. The young man took the ring and departed.

Just arrived, It began offering the ring to merchants. They were watching with some interest, until the young man said what intended by the ring. When the young man mentioned the gold coin, Some laughed, others gave him back the face, until an old man took the trouble to explain that a gold coin was very valuable to give it in Exchange for a ring.

After offering his jewel to anyone who crossed his path, and dejected by his failure, mounted his horse and returned. He entered the room, where was the master, and said to him: -Master, I'm sorry but it is not possible to get what I asked for. Perhaps I could get two or three silver coins, but I don't think that you can fool anyone about the true value of the ring.

How important what you said, young friend - answered smiling teacher - we must first know the true value of the ring. It reassembles and go to the jeweler. Who better than he to know it. Tell him that you would like to sell the ring and ask how much gives you by it. No matter what you offer, don't sell you. He returns here with my ring.

He came to jewelry, the jeweler examined in the light of the candle ring, looked at him with his magnifying glass, weighed it, and then he said: -Tell the teacher, boy, If what you want to sell and, I can not give more than 58 by its ring gold coins. -58 coins?! – exclaimed the young man. -Yes - replied the jeweller - I know that with time we could get by him about 70 coins, but I do not know… If the sale is urgent…
The young man ran excited to casa del maestro to tell him what happened.
Sit - the teacher said after listening to it. -You're like this ring: a jewel, unique and valuable. And as such, You can only evaluate you really an expert. And saying, He returned to put the ring on the small finger of his left hand.

What do you do for life pretending that anyone discover your true value?,

Only those who know what they're worth, You can assess who you are!, but only you have the responsibility to put in value.

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