The talent live with passion

The talent live with passion

Always I asked what class of magic separated to a musician of the rest of them deadly and how that same magic we transported to places where ever dream, inviting us to this great Festival where you can cry or laugh is the least, whenever the emotion is the great host, and we do feel that we are living.

Only a few are chosen; Irma, the protagonist of our inspiring story, is one of them. She grew up between them mariachis and the enchiladas in a Mexico, that it reveals it in his accent, While he tells us how he came to a country, where the be women and pianist at the same time, they were two poorly-understood terms.

Today, Although successful, don't forget her beginnings in a country like Australia, where not even his own countrymen believed in his talent. A talent, to which many would have to remind them that was born without sex, no nationality or religion, and always free, as she same is declared when is delivered to his great passion, "The music".

In a world where men wore "the baton", Irma managed to give "the note". Expected dressed in Indian attire and teaching as a teacher of music behind the door of his house, they found instead, to a woman of the century XXI, committed to his art and contemporary, It broke all the stereotypes of a woman onstage.

The road was not easy, There were many tears, hours of solitude and great challenges, However nothing was enough to make him resign to his great passion.

This woman of vision futuristic, He always believed that there is room in this world for all, and the his, It would be that of a pioneer who breaks barriers and opens doors. Nothing of this would have happened, without the bet in their personal development, who have taught him to recognize his talent, to learn how to motivate yourself and live your passion without fear. After each award, each survey and each achievement, There is also spiritual and emotional growth, because the more important, It is never our objectives, but the person that we are turning into road.

Mother of two daughters and wife in love, Irma is also a magnificent musician, He decided to go one step further and form a duo of violin and piano, the Duo Deconet, to share with your other half musical, Henry Avila, a Venezuelan violinist which brings another dimension to that, as she you called to that time magic where the music and them will make one.

Seated in front of his piano, already not see to an elegant woman of small stature, but rather a great goddess with the power to hypnotize my senses, and whose motto is "life goes on and there are lots of music by touching".

Discover your talent and decide to live your passion, changes absolutely everything, makes your existence sense copper. Perhaps the moment wondering do I live or I'm just alive?

The world needs people who love making.

Thank you Irma, you really inspire me!

Pilar Lopez Cardenas


The professional photographer Raul Ortiz de Lejarazu Machin created this series of images photographic of the pianist Mexican. According to words of Raul:

The only form of create something unique is when you find that connection with your passion inside.



The talent live with passion

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