The power of the intention of Dr. Wayne W.

What intention have?

The intention firm intention or objective together with the decision to achieve the desired result, powerful energy that a person feels when it is inspired.

INSPIRED, animated internally.

According to Wayne we are all perfect, all leave from the same source, the creative source of the universe or the creative source of life, that source it has everything and is endless. THE POWER IS AT THE SOURCE!!!

You only have to connect us to it, and how is being in tune with her:

  • Standing near us photographs of: love, beauty, prosperity,.
  • The seven words that represent the seven faces of intention: creativity, goodness, love beauty, expansion, abundance and receptivity.
  • Beautiful thoughts build a beautiful soul.
  • When the doubt is dispelled, flowers abundance.
  • Take care what you eat, what you see, hear.
  • The saviors of the world we are the dreamers.

At the subatomic level, tiny, the very act of observing a particle, change the particle, in question. Our way to observe these tiny elements of life constitute a determining factor of what become ultimately.

So your intention of feeling that you succeed and experience the prosperity and abundance depends on the opinion you have of yourself, of the universe, and above all, the field of intention that comes from success and abundance.

Perhaps you find here the answers to many of your questions, or perhaps find the question that take you to your own answers!!!

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