The power to believe in positive

The power to believe in positive

From the first moment I met to Debora, not could avoid losing me in her large and clean eyes greenish, that pointed as a huge Lighthouse radiant of light. She tells us that when she was a girl they called her "eyes of cabbage".

It is a woman open to the world, perhaps by their condition of immigrant Argentina, Perhaps because of his profession as a psychologist or simply because its history of self-improvement has invited her to expand her world beyond his physical disability.

Just started its life to the 18 years, When the weight of a prophecy fell upon it from the mouth of their doctors, "To them" 50 "years will end up in a Chair's wheels". At that age, When the dreams emerge and being a great classic and sporty ballet dancer, the diagnosis of Muscle atrophy of the spine it was not part of their plans.

He recalls his first reaction "who? I?. That is not possible, If I can dance and move I would of what you are talking about??”, but after that phase of denial began to think that if had something that not could do also existed things that itself could do or would have paths different to make them things, even someone or something that could help you get it.

Debora He says that he always chose to believe that he could have a normal life, marriage is, have children, travel, develop your profession. This philosophy of life has been the key to his great achievements and the reason for their personal enrichment. We can always choose what we want to believe and that choice between limiting beliefs and empowering beliefs mark differences and the direction of our destination.

This disease congenital that suffer it and another of his two brothers apparently is a disease endogenous of them Jewish that not allowed the renewal blood in their ancestors, causing this gene.

Physical impairment, slow but unstoppable, was true to prophecy. However, and despite warnings from his doctors not to be mother, She decided to believe that they could. Today, their two sons will remember it special that is each day.

Would where had been his wish of being mother without this belief positive??. Our Warrior prefers the word "special" to "disabled" and added that with the mind we can do whatever we want, Since a physical disability is a mental disability.

Debora smiles while us shows photographs of his childhood on the beaches of Mar de Plata inArgentina. Runs times endearing where always believed that your disease it would accompany but never it went to condition.

After more than 35 years of marriage, our protagonist had to give up his project in common and reinvent itself as a more independent woman, showing is to Yes in that their divorce nor it would slow.

Makes a year, the word"cancer"returned to surprise her with a new challenge". After crying for a while clamped to his companion, He looked to his doctor, telling him: This how is solved?? What we have to do??. A time more, She chose to believe that could overcome it and so was. His attitude and the power of positive beliefs have been your best friend.

Sometimes we are dedicated to filling our brain's thoughts or beliefs that limit us to act freely and successful, not helping us to achieve our dreams and overcome the challenges of life. Adopt paradigms that will return part essential of us themselves and think that all that are truths absolute. So it is important to detect what kind of beliefs give us power and what take it, we paralyze or limit us to act, Since the reality is that we believe what we believe.

Today Debora, It moves in your scooter (Moto) in a country such as Australia that she calls "their country" in gratitude by the facilities and accesses allowing him to lead a normal life, take the transport, out to dinner with friends, travel, work.

She lives alone in a small but comfortable apartment where entering a heady aroma brought his beloved Argentina breathes, surrounded by its fascinating collection of elephants brought from all parts of the world.

Your world is a reflection of what you think and think. Your beliefs are that you do feel able or unable to, The idea is that we choose to our beliefs rather than our beliefs we choose to us, as said Gandhi.

"See your thoughts, they will become your words; Watch your words, they will become your actions; observes your actions, will be converted into your habits; observe your habits become your character; Watch your character, "you turn in your destination."

If your life is based on your beliefs, What would happen if these not be certain? What beliefs are holding back your life?

What you decide today believe?

Debora, you inspire me!

Marisabel Gonzalez, plastic artist

“Resilience” (Resistance) It is the perfect description of the life of Debora, who has experienced problems medical, personal and has gotten overcome them with a force impressive. She has become an inspiration for anyone to your around. Through the years, has attained maintain that look of great scope in their eyes, the same one that was in his youth. I've inspired in the depth of his eyes and the passion behind your favorite colors: Red and siena, I have added the forms printed had his soul and vice versa. The history of Debora is a story of resistance, passion, selflessness and hard work.



The power to believe in positive

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