The mirror of truth. What reflection you see in the??

It happened that one day in a far and warm country not yet discovered, a productive and huge multinational success loomed over the Hill higher place. And that day could well be today and why not be your one of employees who came to work in it,

an unusual event happened.

When the employees arrived that morning of October, a huge sign in which it was written was found at reception: "Yesterday died the person preventing your growth in this company. You are invited to the wake".

At the beginning, everyone is saddened by the death of one of their colleagues, but then they began to feel curious to know who was that was preventing the growth of his companions in the company.

The turmoil was so great, It was necessary to call security to organize the rank of those attending the wake.

As people were approaching the coffin, excitement increased. Who will be that was impeding my progress? The unhappy poor died!!

Although all, even your... thought of herself...Now, Finally I will be able to grow and improve, feeling an inexplicable relief, at the time as a great embarrassment.

One to one employees approached the coffin, they looked at the deceased and swallowing dry. There were a few minutes in the most absolute silence, as if had touched them the depths of the soul.

As well, at the bottom of the coffin there was a mirror... each saw himself with the following sign: "There is only one person capable of limiting your growth and you are yourself".

Your life does not change when: change your boss, When your friends change, When your parents change, When your partner changes.

Your life changes when you change, you are solely responsible for it.

The world is like a mirror, that returns each person reflects their own thoughts.

The way like you meet life is what makes the difference

What is the reflection that returns you to your mirror, When you poke at it?

What changes need to see you as you like to, in the mirror of life?

Although I know nothing about the author of this story, from here I appreciate your contribution to the awakening of our consciousness!

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