Miguel Ángel was a crocodile, He lived in the jungle, on the banks of the Amazon River. When was small, Miguel Ángel liked to stroll through the jungle and learn everything he could about what they saw and watched to your around, meet other animals and listen to their stories and wisdom.

Despite every effort made by Migue Angel to attend school with his brothers and sisters , It was not admitted into the school of crocodiles, because it was not able to speak. His parents had visited all the doctors of animals known to them in vain.

One day, in one of the early morning along the Amazon River, Miguel Ángel saw a small Tribune, a small stage, floating in the river. He saw no humans around and carefully crept closer, drawn onto the stage by an irresistible curiosity.

There, He discovered a trumpet. Miguel Ángel thought to see: human beings must have it forgotten. , and not being able to resist the temptation it picked her up, He began to fondle his elegant body, discovering that it emitted sounds when he blew into his mouthpiece.

From this moment, Every day ,He visited the scene and began to practice, improving your skills every day. He had learned on its own how to get beautiful melodies , just tested and experienced.

One day, However, months after that discovery, some other guys crocodiles, They followed their trail and soon recognized the melody of the trumpet among the bushes. Day after day the number of animals of the forest that were attracted by the curiosity to hear the trumpet of Miguel Ángel was made larger.

All took a good position and listened in respectful distance, to not distract Miguel Ángel , While the small crocodile was playing with his eyes closed, Immerse yourself in your world, While played the trumpet from the love and genius. When he stopped, Some animals may not hold more, and began to clap with excitement!!!. More and more animals they welcomed until all were standing and cheered amazed at the fantastic performance of Miguel Ángel.

All they approached him, congratulating him and hugging him, at the time that gave thanks for the fantastic music that had delighted them, thus reaching their hearts. Miguel Ángel was deeply moved by the love and compassion that received. From that moment , She started practicing regularly with other animals, composing wonderful melodies that filled all the forest with music. He had finally found his way to communicate with others: and the music was the path.

Konstantin Mudrack,

There is always a road that leads to others, only there is to discover which is our route and activate the GPS towards that destination” ( Pilar López)

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