Nail and the dog

"A man goes from visit to a friend's House and when he enters the dining room is with his friend dog. The dog is great, strong, but it is complaining and crying. The visitor asked his friend, "do hear, you miss your dog, looks sick?”, Do not worry, says friend, This dog is very lazy.

The two friends sit to tell their old stories, While the continuous animal complaining to which the visitor again asked his friend and tells him, "feel me bad for your dog, Why not you carry it to the vet?”, the man answered him again, "do not worry , This dog is lazy".

The restless visitor by the same answer, It asks "Hey would you say all the time that this dog is lazy?, "I see is that you are sick and that it is suffering", then the friend tells him:
"Look what happens is that has been sitting on top of a nail all morning", I know it hurts and that complains and complains, but he has not wanted to move the ass of your website, because with everything and in spite of the nail, feel comfortable and it has already become accustomed to their suffering".

What nails these sitting in your?? your team?

What does that do not take action to change the situation?

Much more has to hurt you so that you begin to make decisions??

What is the best thing that can happen to you if you decide to take the initiative to change??

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