The arch Rainbow after the storm. I am Bipolar

The arch Rainbow after the storm. I am Bipolar

She was a beautiful woman of Argentina, outstanding in their studies, athlete and a lover of theatre, and its history would navigate between the shores of the storm and the brightest of the Rainbow. To their 20 years and after a few episodes depressive, a medicine inexperienced you put to what will happened the label of “schizophrenia”. Is true that the reality was very different to it of them others; However, "his best friend" as she calls it, had nothing to do with schizophrenia but with bipolar disorder.

I wanted that I submit to that “your best friend” and thus it described: The bipolar disorder It is an imbalance in the front part of the brain that affects mood episodes manic depressive, the appetite, the dream and the inhibition sexual.

At the beginning I was a somewhat strange friend. However, Susana He says that it is who accompanies him in bad and good times of your life. Having regard to, would have much sense. Tells me as we walk through the garden of his house, imagine that the bipolar disorder dressed in yellow and blue, a yellow warm full of strength and a blue stormy, but that together make up the green hope that wave your flag.

Susana confesses how even had an attempt of suicide When poorly diagnosed and medicated came to fatten more than 25 kg. His mind became black clouds that downloaded ideas as: SOy a load for the world, care about anyone, It should go away. Fortunately, as she tells, any bipolar wants to die, only want to make the pain go away.

When Susana had 20 years received a grant from the Government to study in United States; However, something that could have been a wonderful experience became an opportunity lost due to their status as bipolar. She remembers this story:

Preparing me to visit the school, While taking a shower, I felt something without image or voice, as a force internal, asking me that it was a message of peace to the world: -What better opportunity, being just two blocks from the White House- I said to same. Would visit that same afternoon to the President of the United States to ask you that happened my message of peace to the world whole. During the break, I told the teachers my plan for this afternoon, including all the media attend this event of global magnitude.

Years more afternoon discovered that also called to a friend in the University to put the TV where I would be gathered with the President. "My professor was informed of my strange ideas and immediately was transferred to the guard of a hospital."

Was necessary to overcome them 40 years until finally the medicine recognized their status as bipolar. Them so feared ECT (Electric Shock Therapy) they saved her life. Sixth ECT blew it up on the other side (Mania) and finally the medical could medicate it correctly.

In this long sailing between the shores of the storm and the Rainbow, more things happened that they marked the life of Susana. They married and was mother of two children of which recognizes, they are one of his great achievements.

Children make her laugh and it is for this reason that during 15 years worked passionately to managing two kindergartens, something that never really thought that I could do and however was a dream come true.

With so only 21 years his brother lost his life in a traffic accident and later her sister became ill of cancer. His sister the chemotherapy It affected him emotionally up to one depression deep, and a day after his arrival to Buenos Aires to visit the, the life removed. Susana always dreamed with have a great family but now already not had with any brother that it accompany on your trip.

At the end of the 2014 She was diagnosed of breast cancer and after receiving treatment a month more afternoon you followed an operation preventive to remove ovaries and tubes. How a Reed, It doubled again to gain more strength.

Each coup has not been enough to undermine his smile and his dream and made it stronger, knew more and more solidarity. Together with her husband, and two participants in the support group, created Bipolar Australia”, an entity without aims of profit, that has by objective make campaigns to give to know the bipolar disorder.

Of their parents remember them phrases that both you have helped in your walk. "From a mother broken by the death of two of their sons"Life is pretty”, and his father "Susana", We are citizens of the world, "you must find a place where you feel free and can thrive in the life". This last you encouraged to emigrate to a country such as Australia some years ago.

He claims to be someone who gives without expecting anything in return, and that gives you happiness and makes her feel special and unique. And although long ago he stopped thinking about the future, Imagine getting older with her husband, traveling the world and enjoying a large family, While it helps with her work that people suffer less in the world.

Today when we look in the mirror it recognizes a cute woman who thinks that life is wonderful and even dared to sing us one of the songs that could shape the soundtrack of your life, While her husband accompanied him on piano “Just the way you are”.

During this time Susana It has grown a lot personally and he has learned to be more flexible, more patient and above all to practice the resilience, It is not anything other than the capacity that we have as human beings to recover in the face of adversity and continue projecting in the future.

That same attitude, quality or competence to deal with difficult circumstances and problems, us helps to understand the life of a form more healthy and positive.

Sometimes difficult circumstances or trauma allow to develop resources that were dormant and that the person was unaware of so far. Those people with a good intelligence emotional are also more resilient, given that their ability to manage emotions makes them less vulnerable, increasing resilience, leaving strengthened and transformed in each an of their experiences. Let's say that they use the path stones to build his fortress.

Susana, you inspire me!

Pilar Cárdenas López

The artist from Venezuela, Miguel González created the play pictorial “Shadows broken” inspired by the life of Susana Bluwol.

In words of Miguel Gonzalez:
Comes from my reinterpretation after having known to Susana, an incredibly strong woman, with a great awareness about your condition. The shadows are the projection of ourselves, but they are also seen as elements of the past, trying to catch up to the present.

Obra Miguel

The arch Rainbow after the storm

The arch Rainbow after the storm

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