How much do you want, what you want?. To stop dreaming a life and start living a dream has a cost. It has nothing to do with the idea that they have sold us all along: dreaming is not free. A goal, or an idea, are nothing until we materialize them and decide to believe in them, as in ourselves. However, not making that dream come true, has sometimes the same, or even a higher cost.

Start taking action, being able to invest in yourself, changing your beliefs, getting rid of negative influences and having something to decide, is for sure an adventure with an equal reward to that of the difference between those who let their dreams die and those who prefer to die for their dreams, in that way, their own fate.

In this motivational conference we are going to discover the symptoms that are killing our dreams, and how to self motivate ourselves to overcome the obstacles.

The world is for those who commit themselves to their dreams, not going after them means to work for other people’s dreams.

“A dream seems impossible at the beginning, then it becomes unlikely, and when we commit ourselves to it, unavoidable”

Pilar L. Cárdenas
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