When the torture delete you the meaning of your life

When the torture delete you the meaning of your life

When the torture delete you the meaning of your life

Undertook an adventure forced, of those with whom you do not dream, where does not prepare the suitcase and not fit long farewells, just no time to look back and realize all that you leave, as you head towards an uncertain world.

Mariana was a young man of 23 who believed in the love and equality, It had pockets full of dreams and the conviction that Chile, the country that she was born he deserved something better than an oppressive dictatorship. Ran then those years 80 When thousands of Chileans seeking refuge fleeing persecution and torture during the rule of Augusto Pinochet.

Even today and after 29 years, still excited as us terror who lived during his imprisonment as political prisoner then, While fighting for social justice in Chile.

"I was in prison for five months". I was pregnant then, so it was a very special circumstance. I was raped many times by Government security teams, secret service CNI (National Research Center). I was beaten severely and I tortured with electricity. You wanted to denigrate as personal, take your dignity.

Talked much with Dios in those moments, Although I felt very abandoned. "I wanted to and should survive by my baby".

Once out of prison, they tried to murder her two children and this was the catalyst that made him decide to emigrate to Australia as a refugee. I get a 14 February, together with his spouse and their two young children, A country that offered them security, but where they also found much pain, and great challenges to be overcome as immigrants.

Mariana has learned that they can imprison your body, but not your mind, break your body, but not your soul, and that, despite everything, your faith can stay strong. Is declared Christian and finds refuge who encourages her in their beliefs.

I wanted to know how he had helped him overcome this experience personal growth and she answered us with his smile of innocent girl;

"I think that you need time to overcome any experience, your time, not a specific time, but that each individual needs, It is not the same for all, then, personal development helps you to understand that there is much more than you that you want to give, your circumstances or negative experiences do not define who you are, You can always create a better future by starting from this moment you have in your hands. "Knowing that these comply with your purpose"

Mariana enjoys today of their grandchildren, While it looking in the eyes of his life partner as she calls him, and he feels that his love is infinite.

Many remain, many dreams in the pockets, buy your own home, travel the world, completed his master's degree in theology and continue helping others to make this a world more fair.

"To hope", This is how the artistic Sissy Reyes has entitled the story of Mariana inspired photography. A Mexican who has seen a woman full of life, loving and generous and who describes his encounter and how it has inspired.

"I found Mariana transporting his gaze to the past, thoughtful, melancholy. In his mind the image of his mother waiting for her outside of the police station before taking her to jail. Marian not contains them tears "yet not I can speak of my mother", "after so many years". And there I saw the depth of the history of Mariana, positive, Nice, Alegre, loving and constantly looking for healing is, transform. In the portrait Marian remembers the last, but it also conceives its present full of love, family and opportunity... in a prayer for hope".

At some point in our lives we are asking us questions.: What live? Why should my life? Do according to what principles I live? If at the end I have to die, What sense does it live? These issues may lead some people to a crisis of meaning or existential, to question whether it is worthwhile to keep on living, especially when facing really critical situations

We each have a purpose and discovered in what we do and create. The echo to find out the meaning of our life , us placed in a position of capacity upper to withstand the difficulties of this road, even when sometimes are very painful.

From the point of view of personal development this is the origin of the self-realization. He felt no can invent are, but you must discover and the first step is awareness. As said Karls Jaspers; "The man becomes what it is, "thanks to the causes to which is has sticks".

How does the way in which you are living now, with your true purpose in life?.

Marian your me inspire!

Pilar López

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