What are the stars that you lead??

“Nowadays people know the price of everything and knows the value of nothing ( Oscar Wilde )

Where are your limits??. What are the stars that guide you?

Think for a moment in a couple of situations where it was necessary to take a hard and difficult situation on this trip.... the wonderful journey of life. Compared to others of the same tone and think a moment about what you did: leave your job, break with your partner, start your business plan... which values were at stake then?, What was the most important thing for you?. Possibly without your knowing it, they gave you the answer.

Your values will always walk with you, and although in the shadow, they are always who you provide more light at crucial moments. We could say that they are your trusted source, your wise counselors and the reference point so never miss beyond what you are not.

If making a decision, you feel that something inside you is not going well, you start to think that you have away from them and you lost as a fledgling trapeze artist balance.

I have to warn you that by very fast to be, they always end up reaching you, so don't try to flee, fooling yourself about what you want and the rightness and wrongness of your decisions, because they, they are the guardians who judge what is right or wrong and the compass always points to the right place.

Find those values which are , into your flag . It remains always faithful to them, because if you don't abandon them, them you never leave you.

Live aligned with that source of wisdom is like having the elixir of happiness and success. Others ,they will see you always through their eyes and act in consistency and coherence with them, you will give your true value as a human being, first before you and then to the world.

It is said very often, I live in a society in which the values have been lost, in reality, and as I see it, they have not lost, but there you have been a succession of them. The important thing for our generation, is quite possibly not what most cares to our children. What are the correct?.

Before talking about that: a man is worth what it's worth his word, Now your Word is worth what your hand signs.

The values are not costumes, I chose each day according to the event which we should attend, There are only some that are our size and that at all times we must look.

I invite reflections with this incredible video!

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