Life is an adventure, and you are the main character. Would you like to know the secret of turning it into a wonderful experience?.

In this motivational conference we’re going to unveil the secret of how to build a full and happy life through the learning of how to make good decisions. We are the sum of all our decisions, even the one´s we don't make. A tiny decision can make a great difference in our life, it can make us feel happy or on the contrary, take us to places or circumstances we don’t desire.

We sometimes make our decisions based upon pieces of advice we get from people who won’t have to deal with the results, ignoring our natural wisdom "our Intuition" or in other cases not lining up with our compass,"our values“.

All our experiences and learnings are contained in our intuition, it's the lucidity that our mind ignores and our values are the stars that guide us. Success in life depends on how we manage our intuition and our values.

“The power of decision makes us the captain of our ship, but the ability of making the right ones, what leads us to our destination”

Pilar L. Cárdenas
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