Create your own destiny of Patrick Snow

The most wonderful thing about this opportunity with which we start all of the starting line, is clear that there is the “Luck”, There is no one better than your, There is nothing in the middle of your desires and your…. you decide, open hand and catch it, or sit to see how others do it, find a guilty, an excuse or a reason to justify the because these not living as you want.

I invite you to ariesges betting on the only thing that always you will win ” Yourself”. Anything else that is not success design your destiny and not acepctes.


Every morning, in Africa, a Gazelle wakes up. You know that you will have to run faster than the lion quickly or they will kill it.

Every morning, in Africa, a lion awakes. You know that you will have to run faster than the slowest Gazelle or it will die of hunger.

Whether you are a lion or Gazelle: WHEN THE SUN COMES OUT, IS BETTER THAN YOU START TO RUN.

(Murray McBride)

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