” As the Sun, that despite that falls every evening, the next day turns up more strongly”

” Make your dreams always bigger than your fears”

” Courage is not the absence of fear, but strong evidence that greater there is something”

” No one knows of what he is capable until you try”

” Get what you fear and fear it'd stop”

” Those who claim that something cannot be usually be interrupted by those who decided to act, accepting the challenge of dream beyond their apparent disadvantages”

“The years only wrinkle skin, but the fear of wrinkles the soul”

” The flight is a path that does not takes you nowhere”

“You will not discover new oceans, If you do not have the courage to lose sight coast”

” There is no happiness without freedom, no freedom without courage”

” It is necessary to bite the Apple, to be able to digest it”

” Fear inhibits action, action cures fears”

” The Spartans not asked those who were enemies, but where they were”

” Fear is like a poisoned arrow, but remove it in time, just leaving you weaken you and leaving you without a future”

“If you lack courage to start, you have already completed”

” If you have the good fortune to find a lifestyle that you love, have the courage to live it”

“Courage does not always ROAR like a lion, Sometimes it is a silent voice that says… tomorrow I'll try”

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